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Can Pictures Of Nude First Ladies Be Printed?

French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, is taking a clothing company to court to halt if from selling a shopping bag that features a photo of the former supermodel in the nude. The white canvas bags went on sale this week in the Paris region. Her lawyers claim “the bag makes use of Mrs. Bruni-Sarkozy’s image without her consent and for commercial gain.” The 1993 photo sold at an auction. A talk bubble next to the first lady’s image reads: “My boyfriend should have bought me Pardon.”

I am concerned about this case. Does this mean we can’t print pictures of President Bush in the nude? Or, for that matter, are we forbidden to print photos of the empty brain of the president which is a lot more attractive than the outer portion of his body? Gee, as I recall they were printing photos of naked prisoners in Abu Ghraib, but, they were only a bunch of Muslim males so I guess that is OK.

Frankly, I would think Mrs. Sarkozy would be pleased to have these nice photos of her plastered all over canvas bags. I think it is great political advertising. How many politicians can say their wife has nothing to hide and is baring the truth about herself?

French First Lady Urges End To Racism

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, wife of the French president, was inspired by Barack Obama’s victory and joined with other prominent figures to urge the French people to learn from the American experience. They issued a manifesto entitled: “Oui, nous pouvons,” which means, “Yes, we can,” taken from the Obama slogan. It is a call for an end to racism in France and a new birth of freedom from prejudice. “Our prejudices are insidious,” says Mrs. Sarkozy, and the Obama victory highlights failure on the part of French people to address issues of prejudice in their society. The manifesto was written by Yazid Sabeg, a self made millionaire from Algeria, who believes Obama is very popular in France because his victory “testifies to the aspirations of all the children of France who are experiencing by proxy a recognition that France does not give them.”

Mrs. Sarkozy said the election of Obama gave her “an immense joy.” The world is basking in America’s decision to end its historic denial of rights to African Americans. Although she was born in Italy, she now feels not only part of the French nation but part of the new world being created by the election of Obama.