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Tillman Saga Of Death And Truth Lingers On

The mother of former professional football player, Pat Tillman, continues her fight to finaly uncover the true story as to how her son died in combat in Afghanistan. The original Army story in 2004 claimed Tillman died as a result of an enemy ambush. That was a lie and the military knew it was untrue within a few weeks after Tillman’s death but they continued telling his family an incorrect story to cover up what happened. Mrs. Tillman, citing documents and eyewitness accounts, claims the real story was the men who shot her son stepped out of a Humvee to aim carefully at him. They were not, as official accounts have a serted, speeding by on a bumpy mountain road. The shooters deny they aimed at him.

Mrs. Tillman is still furious at Gen. Gary Jones who investigated the shooting. He dismissed the account of Spc. Bryan O’Neal, who was just a few feet away from Tillman when the Rangers lit up their position with gunfire. Jones insisted no men got out of the Humvee. Mrs. Tillman wants to know why the general dismissed the account of O’Neal who was on the scene but accepted the version of the men who fired the shots.

Mrs. Tillman is also angry at General McChrystal who a day after approving a Silver Star for Tillman for being killed by enemy fire, warned President Bush the story might not be true. Of course, Bush went around the country telling the story about the bravery of Tillman who died gallantly in combat.

George Bush wanted to use Tillman’s death to sell his war in Iraq and used a popular sport figure for his own political ends.