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Britain Abuses Asylum Seekers In Name Of Security!

They come in the evening to drag away asylum seekers who arrive in England as a refuge from oppressive regimes back home. The oppressed of the world have come to England which historically has given refuge to such asylum seekers as Karl Marx, but modern England is a society obsessed with fears of security and willing to place innocent humans in the position of somehow being connected to terrorism. Maud Lennard had escaped from Ziimbabwe where she has opposed the brutal Robert Mugabe regime, but to the British security people who boarded her plane bound for the safety of Malawi, she was just another security risk. Ms. Lennard had been on a 53 day hunger strike to avoid being deported back to Zimbabwe, she had paid a bribe to get a passport to Malawi, but to British security agents, they would not allow her even that refuge. They came on the plane, beat her, called her a dirty black pig, and warned, “You don’t belong to malawi, you don’t belong to Zimbabwe, and the next time we are going to book you on BA and take you to Congo Kinshasha where we can kill you.”

The people of Great Britain are world renowned for their willingness to assist political and social outcasts, but something is happening to this once great nation, something is eating at its soul, and that something is fear, fear of terrorism, fear of the unknown, and fear to be a refuge for those in desperate need of a place where they can escape beatings. Shame on the socialist government of England.