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How To Obtain Immortality-Rule An African Nation?

Hundreds of years ago, Ponce de Leon went searching for the Fountain of Youth. Little did he know, that the fountain was not in North America, but south in Africa. President Robert Mugabe just celebrated his 86th birthday, still president of the country he helped to gain independence from England. As one reviews leaders of African nations it appears quite a few are run by men(sorry women, you only appear in Liberia) who are up in age and many have ruled and ruled and ruled for many years. Some like President Mamadou of Niger, simply rewrite the Constitution when it comes time to step down or Mugarab in Egypt just manipulate the vote to ensure their victory and, most probably se the stage for Number One son to take over when they finally decide to retire.

Go down the list, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroons, and so on, all nations ruled by elderly men. Ironically, the oldest is Nelson Mandela who is living proof at 91 that you can live on and on without running a country.

P.S. Any African nation looking for an 80 year old American guy who would be happy to relocate to that continent if promised immortality?

Dictator Robert Mugabe Gets Arms From China

Robert Mugabe has run Zimbabwe for over thirty years during which times he has transformed a vibrant economy that allowed inhabitants of the nation to enjoy a fairly high standard of living to the spectacle of a country wracked by 80% unemployment and not longer able to produce food for its own people. Mugabe has never been reprimanded by African leaders who prefer a thug of African birth to any other form of individual. Reports indicate a new secret airstrip has been built in a Zimbabwe diamond field in order to serve as a port of entry for arms from China for the thugs and criminals who now rule the country.

The field in which the airstrip is located was taken by soldiers in 2008 from those who possessed the land. Although, Zimbabwe courts have ruled the seizure was illegal, this is Mugabeland and the president only obeys his own laws. Mugabe opponents fear he will use new arms and ammunition to strengthen his power and to ensure he wins any election that might be held for president.

White Zimbabwe Farmers Sue Robert Mugabe Govt.

In the 1970s, the country now known as Zimbabwe was considered the “bread basket” of Africa and its people had a higher standard of living than most African nations. The government of Robert Mugabe unleashed a program that drove white farmers and their black workers from the land in order to give farms to cronies and associates of President Mugabe. A tribunal of the Southern African Development Community(SADC) ruled the seizures were in violation of international law and farmers should be compensated or allowed to return to their farms. Mugabe has refused to acknowledge the right of a SADC court to rule on what happens in his nation.

Three white farmers are seeking the support of South African courts to sue for return of their land and it appears they will be successful in securing that right. The issue is not whether whites should have been forced to surrender their land to black Africans. The issue was the need for an orderly process which ensured competent black farmers were given the farms, owners were compensated, and the Mugabe program of giving land to his buddies never implemented. The Mugabe program ruined farms because instead of having them farmed by successful black farmers, they were run by a group of incompetent men and women who wanted money, not good farming.

Mugabe Blames Everything On “Them,” Not “Us”

It goes without question that every two bit petty dictator must invariably blame outside forces for his own mistakes and ineptitude. President Robert Mugabe inherited leadership of the rich nation of Zimbabwe which was once considered the bread basket of Africa and by the time he has finished with this once prosperous nation it has fallen to among the poorest in the entire world. Of course, according to the “great leader” having an inflation rate of two million percent or transforming a healthy economy into one in which 80% of the work force lacks jobs has nothing to do with his actions– just say the magic word, “colonialism.” Once again he ranted on about the hidden dark forces of imperialism as the cause of his nation’s economic collapse. Mugabe blamed “hostile intervention” which “has had a negative impact on our farmers, who, according to our neo-colonialist enemies, must fail so as to damn the land reform we have undertaken.”

His so called, “land reform” consisted of taking productive land and transferring it into the hands of cronies and incompetents who wanted the land, and had no desire to farm. The president ignores colonialists had nothing to do with his stealing a presidential election or killing and brutalizing thousands of innocents people in Zimbabwe. Mr. Mugabe, look not to the stars but to yourself as the cause of the Zimbabwe disaster.

Mugabe’s Zimbabwe Continues Torture As Weapon!

Zimbabwe is a nation ruled by a ruthless man whose only desire is power for himself and the group of thugs who surround their leader, Robert Mugabe. For some unknown reason, Mugabe finally allowed the UN Special Rapporteur to visit his nation in order to investigate charges that torture has been used against the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) whose leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is attempting to help restore a semblance of economic health to the society. The UN official, Manfred Kowak was in South Africa and preparing to board a plane to Harare on Wednesday when he was informed no one was coming to check on torture in Zimbabwe, order of his Excellency, Robert Mugabe.

Once again, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) uttered words of concern at the political mess in Zimbabwe, will undoubtedly dispatch an envoy to “discuss” the situation, the envoy will return home, and the mess will continue. Until the SADC is prepared to use its economic and political power, Zimbabwe will be governed by the Mugabe clique.

Zimbabwe Loses Chance For Stable Government

The people of Zimbabwe are blessed with a nation containing vast amounts of natural resources and for decades under colonial rule, it was regarded as the bread basket of Africa with among the best school systems and highest standards of living. Rebel leader Robert Mugabe assumed leadership once colonialism ended. Instead of working for a gradual transfer of land to deserving farmers, he wrecked the economy by seizing land of white farmers and giving it to his fellow thugs and thieves. The result was an inflation rate of over two million percent and unemployment that is about 80%. After opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai won a presidential election, Mugabe manipulated the vote to claim victory.

During the past several months a coalition government was created due to the influence of the Southern African Development Community under which Tsvangirai would be prime minister. Tsvangirai has worked steadily to improve the economy, get children and teachers back to school and begin the process of creating jobs. Each step along the way, his followers have been beaten, brutalized, imprisoned and even killed by Mugabe’s police and army. Finally, Tsvangirai gave up when a key figure in his political party was arrested on the spurious charge of terrorism.

Mugabe refuses to adhere to the coalition agreement. It is now up to South Africa and other African leaders to compel his cooperation. That is doubtful. The tragedy of Zimbabwe continues.

Enough Is Enough Say Zimbabwe People

Morgan Tsvangirai is the one who deserved the Nobel Peace prize this year for his continued efforts to work with the meglomaniac President Robert Mugabe in the quest to restore Zimbabwe to some semblance of peace and prosperity. Ostensibly, there is a coalition government, but Tsvangirai works to establish an economy that offers food and stability to his people while Mugabe uses his control of the army and police to arrest, brutalize and kill supporters of Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change. Tsvangirai finally lost his patience when Roy Bennett, a senior leader of the MDC, was charged with attempting to overthrow the government.

As Tsvangirai noted: “it is our right to disengage from a dishonest and unreliable partner.” There is scant hope the people of Zimbabwe can attain the prosperity that once characterized their nation as long as Mugabe and his fellow thugs are part of the government. It is time for South Africa to use its power and compel Mugabe to behave as a decent human and abide by the coalition agreement.

Can Anyone Believe Anything Said By Robert Mugabe?

Once upon a time in a country in East Africa there lived people who had developed their economy, had an excellent system of farming which provided employment and food for those living in the nation. Ah, that was a long time ago in an era before the “Great Leader,” Robert Mugabe, became head of the nation. Yes, there were legitimate grievances because white colonists had seized land from Africans and a process of restoring land to the people of Zimbabwe was needed. There was the possibility of white Europeans working in a cooperative manner to ensure redistribution of land in an equitable manner that ensured continuance of farms.

But, along came Robert Mugabe, with the rhetoric of division and hate. More importantly, he was not interested in creating a system which would restore to Africans their land, he was only concerned about rewarding his lackeys and fellow thugs. He destroyed the economy, plunged a nation which once was the bread basket of Africa into poverty and destroyed an excellent school system.

The Great Leader now talks about establishing “fresh, friendly and cooperative relations” with “those nations that have been hostile to us in the past.” Even as the words leave his lips, his thugs are beating up, not Europeans, but Zimbabweans who voted for the Movement for Democratic Change. Step one is reconciliation with the people of Zimbabwe, once that is accomplished, it will be easy to work in a cooperative manner with nations like the UK.

Zimbabwe Courts Stand Tall For Freedom

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe continually claims that “Western Powers” are behind attempts to interfere with his ability to rule the nation. He did agree to a compromise national coalition government several months ago, but his government has constantly denied Prime Minister Tsvangirai of the right to govern. The men appointed by Mugabe to the Zimbabwe Supreme Court ruled that his government of thugs and brutes could not prosecute Jestine Makoko for “terrorism” because they first kidnapped the human rights activist and then brutally tortured her. Even Mugabe’s men understand that confession’s extracted under torture are not valid in any normal court of law.

Mugabe continues to hamper efforts to reform the government and restore the semblance of economic health to a nation that prior to his rule was the leading agricultural center of Africa. It is time for nations like South Africa to denounce this two bit thug and refuse him any aid until democracy is restored to the country.


South African leader, Archbishop Desmond Tutu once referred to Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe as the caricature of the African dictator and each passing day the verity of those words is proven by the rambling discourse of the Zimbabwean tyrant. He recently told a CNN interviewer that seizing land from white owners which cost the jobs of 300,000 black Zimbabweans was “the best thing that could ever have happened to an African country.” He argued Zimbabwe belongs to the Zimbabwean people”

Of course, the question is which Zimbabwean people own the nation of Zimbabwe. Under the kleptomaniac rule of Mugabe, land taken from whites has been given to friends of Mugabe, used to buy off military leaders and to enrich the Mugabe family. It was not sanctions that caused the economy to collapse but the incompetent fool hardy policies which transferred productive land into the hands of unproductive people whose dream was quick money, not the economic development of their nation.