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Mugabism In Practice Ensures Violence

In Mugabeland, the rule of law means each and every individual obeys the dictates of the One and only Ruler, his royal highness, the good Lord of Violence, Robert Mugabe. Tendai Biti might be Finance Minister of Zimbabwe, but he belongs to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change which means, by definition, his fate is destined to be a short one. Mr. Biti received a letter and a bullet delivered at his home, no doubt by one of the loyal thug stooges of Mugabe. The note in Shona said simply, “prepare your will” which was a message informing the Finance Minister that the president of the nation did not either like what he was saying or doing. Mr. Biti responded by saying, “violence is the language of the intellectually defeated. I am undeterred.”

Mr. Biti, for some strange reason, turned the evidence over to the police. That is the equivalent of turning over drugs to a Mexican drug lord for safe keeping. Most probably, the crime of Mr. Biti was to send inflation downward from its height of 2,300,000%. In Mugabeland, the grand wizard is the only one who accomplishes anything.

Welcome To Mugabeland Where Madness Is Reality

If anyone has a mental illness it might well be helpful to get the nearest airplane headed to Zimbabwe and spend a few weeks in Mugabeland. Robert Mugabe, the Wizard of Madness, rules the land by ensuring he always wins elections, particularly those in which he received fewer votes than his opponent. In Mugabeland, one is always happy and wealthy by accepting anything the Wizard does must be correct because since he is the all-knowing and wise wizard, he can not commit wrong. Mugabe lost the last presidential election and the Movement for Democratic Change’s candidate not only had more votes but the MDC gained a majority in parliament. No problem for the Wizard, just create crimes that MDC MPs never committed, charge them with being criminals and eject them from parliament. It is a guaranteed way to achieve a majority in the parliament.

Since MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, agreed to a coalition government in February, 16 MDC MPs have been charged with crimes, but for some unknown reason not a single member of the Mugabe Zanu-PF party has been charged with anything. To steal in Mugabeland it is not stealing if you are a member of the Zanu-PF. But, if you fail to pick up the litter in the street and happen to be a member of the MDC, you can be assured of a trip to jail, a beating, and back to jail for several months.

The Wizard of Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a wizard when it comes to brutality and oppression.

Mugabe Shows True Face Of Dictatorship

Robert Mugabe tells his fellow African leaders in nations like South Africa that he represents the true spirit of anti-colonialism and therefore whatever he does to his own people must be better than what they endured under colonial rule. After stealing the last presidential election in a manner that President Ahmadinejad of Iran would appreciate, Mugabe allegedly agreed to a coalition government. At recent meeting called to discuss creating a new constitution, opposition leaders tried to speak when they were verbally, and then physically, assaulted by thugs carrying out the orders of Mugabe. Members of the Movement for Democratic Change attempted to speak when they were shouted down by Mugabe burst into revolutionary songs and then physically attacked the opposition.

Mugabe showed up two hours late in what was most probably a planned attempt to let Movement for Democratic Change leaders know who runs the country. He has refused every attempt to work in a cooperative manner with those who do not accept his unitary leadership view for Zimbabwe. Nothing will change until South Africa and other African nations begin to stand up for the people of Africa rather than for old comrades in the liberation movement.

Words Of Wisdom From Zidiot Of Zimbabwe!

Robert Mugabe inherited a nation that had among the highest standards of education in Africa and its economy was among the best in the continent. In his reign of stupidity and hate, he has transformed his nation from one of prosperity into a country which has an inflation rate of over 2,000,000% and a completely collapsed school system. Over 90% of the population has no jobs and must exist on handouts from foreign nations. Mugabe termed US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, as “an idiot” when they encountered one another at an African summit meeting in Libya. “You wouldn’t speak to an idiot of that nature. I was very angry with him, and he thinks he could dictate to us what to do.” Mugabe was also insulted that an African American would dare to offer advice to the most incompetent ruler in Africa.

Last year, Carson’s predecessor, Jendayl Frazier, was insulted by Mugabe when he referred to her as “that little girl trotting around the globe like a prostitute.” He also termed former American Ambassador, James Mcghee, as a “house Negro” for white western leaders. The sad aspect of this story is that Mugabe is undoubtedly only skilled in the insult game and completely at loss in the task of creating a viable economy or restoring freedom to the people of his nation.

Zimbabweans Thumbs Down On Mugabe

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has been visiting Europe in search of money and support for his efforts to restore some sanity to the wrecked nation of Zimbabwe. He is attempting to undo the damage of President Mugabe whose inane policies toward farm seizures and giving his friends and cronies land they lacked the ability to farm has resulted in a collapse of the economy. Before a London audience, Tsvangirai urged, “Zimbabweans must come home” and help him work to restore the economy. However, his plea was rejected by most Zimbabweans in the audience who fear returning to a nation ruled by violence and incompetence. They wanted assurances for their own personal safety, but the prime minister lacks the power to even assure one will not be beaten or imprisoned by the thugs who work for Mugabe.

The Catch 22 is Tsvangirai needs the talents of refugees from his homeland, but, while many would like to return, nothing awaits them than a collapsed economy with a 90% unemployment rate and a police and armed forces which resort to brutality if anyone challenges their authority.

Zimbabwe Continues Failing And Failing

The attempt to create a coalition government in Zimbabwe between dictator Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change simply is not working. As Prime Minister Tsvangirai recently noted: “we have not succeeded in restored the rule of law.. our people do not live free from fear, hunger or poverty.” His efforts to lean over backward in order to accommodate the whims of Mugabe have not been able to restore an economy that can function. Mugabe began the current fiasco by seizing land of white farmers and turning them over to his fellow thugs and buddies. The result was the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy that has left 94% of people without jobs and continued existence dependent on outside aid.

South Africa is the only hope of the people of Zimbabwe. President Zuma must insist on reform on the part of Mugabe and make clear the old days of looting Zimbabwe are over. Mugabe continues seizing productive farm land resulting what Tsvangirai terms “productive land lies fallow and people hungry.”

Zimbabwe Madness Is Catching

For years after the people of Zimbabwe ended colonial rule, they enjoyed a prosperous society in which over 90% of children attended school and its universities were among the best in Africa. Unfortunately, President Robert Mugabe decided to end the last vestiges of colonialism by seizing the land of white farmers, over 5,000 of whom had remained in Zimbabwe and were seeking to create new relations with Africans. Each of the farms employed over a hundred local Africans and enabled the nation to feed itself and earn income from exports. But, Mugabe wanted the land in order to reward his henchmen and cronies, few of whom had any interest in farming, but a great deal of interest in enriching themselves. This week, Ian Campbell-Morrison, whose land was taken away and given to an official, was evicted from his home and he was fined “for illegally occupying state land” even though he lives in a cottage and his wife tends to a garden.

Morgan Tsvangirai promised to end the lawlessness which has destroyed the nation’s farm production and led to a 94% unemployment rate. Suddenly, he has begun to talk like Mugabe by referring to these farm seizures as having “been blown out of proportion.”

Zimbabwe had every right to develop an orderly legal process of purchasing land of white farmers in a gradual manner to ensure the land was properly farmed by local people. But, to take land in order to reward thugs is hardly the way to gain international recognition.

Doesn’t Tsvangirai grasp that other nations will not invest their money in a country which seizes the land of people and gives it to government officials? Who in their right mind would invest a single penny in a Zimbabwe which is ruled by the gun, not the law? Wake up Tsvangirai and act like the leader your nation needs!

Disaster Looms In Zimbabwe

The constant slow descent into disaster continues in Zimbabwe with infection rates for cholera at the 100,000 mark along with at least 4,200 deaths. The sanitation system has collapsed and hunger stalks the land. It is estimated over 50% of children who have died have been classified as under nourished since food is difficult to find in a society run by a meglomaniac whose only thought is furthering the interests of his friends even if it comes at a cost of hunger and starvation to the people. The 2008 harvest was the worst in history and this year it is even expected to be even more dismal. South African president Jacob Zuma is expected to take a more activist policy against President Mugabe than his predecessor, who allowed friendship to get in the way of saving the people of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a failed nation. The unemployment rate is about 94% and the education system which once was the pride of Africa has simply collapsed. The solution is clear– Mugabe must go and Morgan Tsvangirai given power to take the steps necessary to restore sanity to the country.

Robert Mugabe: “Apres Moi, Le Deluge!!”

The evidence mounts that President Robert Mugabe inhabits a world of delusion in which he gives orders and nations of the world jump to obey them just as his lackeys and followers do his biding. The man has lost any contact with reality and refused to make necessary changes that would enable his country to have a chance to regain economic and social stability. Mubgabe entered into a political power-sharing agreement with Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in order to show the world there was a commitment to social justice in Zimbabwe. Instead, Mugabe continues arresting and harassing journalists and members of opposition parties in order to demonstrate he is still in charge.

The latest episode was arresting prominent human rights activist Alec Muchadehama who was in the process of arranging for the release of human rights activists only to be arrested himself. Naturally, a judge threw out the arrest. What would it take for Mugabe to finally understand there will be no $8 billion in aid from foreign donors if he continues this mad policy of arresting people who disagree with him? How can the people of tortured Zimbabwe be protected against the mad man who rules them?

Zimbabwe And Rule Of Law

The future of Zimbabwe unfortunately is linked to the future of its thuggish ruler, Robert Mugabe. Nations of the world do not believe it wise to invest in Zimbabwe unless there is a semblance of law and order. As long as Mugabe holds the position of president it is virtually impossible to establish a government that respects individual rights and is willing to take steps that would ensure return to economic stability. Morgan Tsvangirai, who holds the position of prime minister in a government in which Mugabe attempts to thwart his efforts to restore the economy knows he needs to keep Mugabe around until he dies or simply vanishes into the oblivion of history.

Tsvangirai told reporters, “this residual resistance represents an unwillingness to accept the fact that the new political dispensation is not only irreversible, but also offers the country the only viable way forward.” The question remains– how to get Mubabe off to the side or into retirement so the future can proceed?