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Tragedy Of Zimbabwe Not Changed

There were hopes three months ago–not high ones, but hopes–when a power-sharing a government was formed between opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugage that the president would make some attempt to cease his incompetent rule and allow those with technical knowledge to attempt fixing a broken system. The nation remains mired in poverty, nearly 90% are unemployed and most civil servants such as teachers are not getting paid very much. On Monday, two journalists were arrested for printing the wrong thing and farmers complain that Mugabe thugs continue to disrupt needed farm production. Although a few hundred million dollars have been provided the government, most investors will not place money in a society run by thugs who are ready to seize control of any outside business on grounds they are still fighting the evils of colonialism.

There is only one solution–Mugabe must go, the police and army must be placed under new leadership and those with technical knowledge must be placed in charge of the government in an attempt to restore the confidence of business people and bring some semblance of organization to a broken system.

Mugabe Refuses To Deal With Reality!

President Robert Mugabe has been in power for decades and regards himself as his nation’s savior for leading the fight to end colonialism so it is unimaginable for this creature of ego to imagine a situation in which his power only extends to the capacity of creating problems, not solutions. After agreeing to a power sharing arrangement with opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, the president proceeds as though he has all power and the world will accept his decisions. The Mugabe regime jailed 17 opposition leaders on charges of treason even though no one outside his tight circle of lackies believes there is any validity to the charge. A Zimbabwe court approved bail for the human rights activists, but Mugabe made clear the trial against them will proceed.

No outside nation will provide money to the government of Zimbabwe as long as these civil rights violations occur. Mugabe can have his trials, but there will be no money for a nation which has a 90% unemployment rate. The Mugabe thug group apparently are attempting to see how far they can push this madness. They inhabit a world in which they live in fantasy of long past heroics.

Zuma In South Africa May Defy Mugabe

Newly elected president Jacob Zuma in South Africa is not like his detested opponent, Thabo Mbeki who refused to take any action against his old friend, Robert Mugabe, and thus helped create the present chaos in Zimbabwe. Zuma is an activist who regards himself as a leader in Africa and will not allow Mugabe to create conditions which have led to three million Zimbabweans fleeing to South Africa as refugees. Zuma recognizes that his nation played a key role in creating the current power-sharing arrangement in Zimbabwe and unless he supports opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, the ensuing chaos of a Mugabe run country would send even millions more headed toward South Africa.

Thabo Mbeki knew the revolutionary leader Robert Mugabe from the old days of conflict and he could never grasp that allowing Zimbabwe to slip into chaos created turmoil for his own nation as millions crossed the border in search of refuge. Hopefully, Jacob Zuma will work with fellow African leaders to ensure there is stable and honest government in Zimbabwe.

Horror Of Zimbabwe Revealed

The horror that Robert Mugabe has created in Zimbabwe has never been fully revealed to the world although those who suffer in its prisons know only too well what occurs behind prison doors. A documentary that will be filmed on South African television is based on secret filming done by officials and prisoners reveals emaciated inmates and it is estimated about 20 prisoners die daily in the nation’s 55 prisons. The SABC documentary entitled “Hell Hole” shows prisoners who are literally starved to death or succumb to illness that are rampant in the prisons. Many inside rely on food from relatives but with an unemployment rate of 80% and food running out, it is difficult to assist those behind bars.

If not for assistance from Western agencies even more would die in the prisons of Zimbabwe. In the tightly controlled world of Robert Mugabe critics remain silent and fear telling the truth to a man who believes he alone knows it. In the meantime, the innocent di in the prisons of Zimbabwe.

Should West Aid A Mugabe Led Zimbabwe?

Jacob Zuma, head of the African National Congress (ANC) which is the leading political party of South Africa, denounced western nations for refusing to provide aid to the government of Zimbabwe. Zuma argued that President Robert Mugabe is the head of the government and has the support of many people in the nation. “This is very unfair to the Zimbabwean people. Because here is Mugabe, he is a factor. He is there. He heads a party that has been in government for over 20 years.” But, the facts he presented are exactly the problem. The Mugabe government has ruined the nation by allowing its cronies and henchmen to rob people of their property and become wealthy. It was Mugabe who drove three million from the country, it is Mugabe who created a nation with an 80% unemployment and it is Mugabe who created an inflation rate that is the highest in the world. What exactly does Zuma believe such an incompetent government can do to make the nation become prosperous again?

Part of the problem is that former President Mbeki of South Africa had the power to force Mugabe to abide by the Zimbabwean Constitution, but he did nothing because Robert was his old friend. South Africa has to share responsibility for what has transpired in Zimbabwe because it refused to support the people of that nation. Western donors are correct to hold back on giving aid until it can be proven the aid will go to the people of Zimbabwe, not to the crowd around President Robert Mugabe.

Should West Give Aid To Mugabe’s Zimbabwe?

The nation of Zimbabwe is bankrupt, its economy is in ruins, over three million people have fled to South Africa in search of a decent life, and the government is currently divided between the reform Movement for Democratic Change, (MDC) and the corrupt thugs under President Mugabe who created the mess. Finance Minister Trevor Manuel who represents the new leadership under Morgan Tsvangirai is urging Western nations to provide needed money for his government. The United Kingdom and many other nations fear any money that might be under the control of Mugabe will be wasted. However, Manuel is arguing that without money, reformers are powerless and the entire country will simply collapse.

This is among the most difficult decisions that western nations will have to make in Africa. Do they take the risk that Mugabe will use the money for his own political purposes or do they take the risk that Tsvangirai and Manuel will be able to use those funds to create a semblance of stability in the nation?

Which Side Of Mugabe Mouth Is Speaking?

Years ago, Zimbabwe had a healthy economy that was dominated by those of European background, but farms produced crops and provided jobs. The solution was to develop a plan for land to be redistributed in an even handed manner in order to ensure those assuming contol of the land could be successful farmers. Instead, President Robert Mugabe embarked on a program to drive out white farmers and replace them with his fellow thugs. The result was economic disaster and three million Zimbabweans have fled the country. Today, Mugabe and former opposition leader, Tenda Biti, proposed a plan based on $5 billion in foreign aid to restore the nation’s economy. Biti insisted there must be restoration of democracy and an end of seizing farms in order to reward Mugabe cronies.

Mugabe, in his best George Bush imitation, does not acknowledge his policies had any part in creating the current economic mess. “I appeal for the removal of your sanctions which are inhuman and unwarranted.” International donors are not going to give money to Mugabe unless he develops a sensible farm policy and ends taking over farms of those who are productive. As Biti noted: farmer “must be given security on their land and a chance to grow their crops.”

Which part of your mouth will speak, Mr. Mugabe? If you don’t end brutality and destruction of farms, sanctions will not be lifted. To do so, is simply an invitation for you and your cronies to become rich.

Refugee Camps For Zimbabweans In South Africa?

The plight of Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa is reaching the critical point as thousands continue arriving in flight from the chaos and economic disaster created by the inept, criminal government of President Robert Mugabe. The South African Department of Home Affairs is now exploring the possibility of creating “transit camps” to house the over three million refugees who scrounge for jobs and anger native born South Africans who regard them as economic competitors. The conditions under which poverty stricken Zimbabweans live is daily becoming desperate. The Home Affairs department is trying to find a way to care for the refugees while at the same time facing reality that jobs for Zimbabweans means fewer for native born South Africans.

The best solution lies in creating a Zimbabwean government that is not under the control of Robert Mugabe. South African leaders have supported this corrupt leader under the belief that any and all Africans leaders must be aided regardless of what they do to the people of their nation. Until that attitude and belief ends, it is impossible to stem the exodus from Zimbabwe. If they remain in Zimbabwe they face the reality that over 4,000 have died of cholera and 90,000 are infected.

Stand up for the people of Zimbabwe and end support for the criminal, Robert Mugabe

Should Robert Mugabe Be Placed On Trial?

The decision by the International Criminal Court to issue a warrant for the arrest of Sudan President al-Bashir raises interesting questions as to whether Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe should also be placed on trial for crimes against the humanity of the people of Zimbabwe. South African presidential candidate, Mvume Dandala running on the Congress of the People (COPE) demanded the question of Mugabe’s crimes should be investigated. “Given the tragic situation in Zimbabwe I personally feel that if President Mugabe was taken to the International Court… he would be given a chance to actually explain himself.” There have been over 4000 deaths from cholera and at least 90,000 are infected due to the disastrous policies of Mugabe. Over three million have fled the land and the unemployment rate is over 80%, and this in a land, that once was among the richest on the African continent.

A major reason Mugabe was able to survive for so long was failure on the part of South African leaders to fight for the people of Zimbabwe. Instead they defended their old comrade. It is wonderful that finally South African leaders are beginning to think about the people of Zimbabwe and not about old friendships.

Is Mugabe For Real With Talk Of Peace?

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has spent the past several years engaged in a systematic program to destroy his nation’s economy and brutalize opposition members. Suddenly, he announced that “Zimbabweans is our together” and urged people belonging to all political parties to work together for the common good. “Fighting each other must end. “I hear there are still incidents where people’s homesteads have been burned. That must stop. We belong to different political parties but we must not fight each other.” Oh, the words come across as conciliatory and peaceful, but they come after the latest manifestation of incompetence in which he is seizing land owned by whites and turning those areas over to some of his incompetent allies who will continue the process of destroying rich land.

Mugabe told the world, “we have got the inclusive government so that we have unity, peace and stability.” We suspect the words are meant for the outside world and within Zimbabwe his thugs will continue brutalizing members of the opposition and stealing land.