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Mugabe Slips Into Fantasy Land

President Robert Mugabe is moving further and further from having a grasp as to the reality of what is happening in his land. The cholera death rate has passed one thousand, three million people have fled the country to South Africa in search of work, the inflation rate is astronomical and soon will require issuing one billion dollar notes. In his latest speech he ranted on about “Zimbabwe is mine” and insisted his nation’s problems are all caused by British colonialism and western powers seeking to overthrow his inept regime. Mugabe is moving toward even ending the pretense of a coalition government and simply ruling, as always, a one man government. An official of his Zanu-PF party insisted< “With or without the MDC, the government will have to be formed.” The only hope for Zimbabwe is by means of an outside invasion by forces of the African Union in an attempt to save people’s lives. Mugabe simply has no connection with reality and it is criminal to allows such a deranged individual to cause death of thousands.