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Death Looms After Death Of Slain Murderer

Thousands gathered at the funeral of slain Imad Mughniyeh, the man who was responsible for the deaths of over 80 Jewish people in the 1994 Argentine bombing of a Jewish organization headquarters. Speeches are being made in Syria and Lebanon, and most probably in Iran, about this supposed gallant individual who killed innocent civilians as part of his hate campaign against Jews. Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor who has been working on the bombing case expressed no regret at the death of Mughniyeh, but felt justice was not served because he never had an opportunity in a court of law to present evidence which conclusively proved the slain man’s connection to the murders.

The Israel government is happy while thousands of people mourn his death. This is part of the never ceasing battle of killing and being killed. One can not regret that a murderer has died, but Nisman is correct in asserting their death best emerges as a result of a law trial in which the world learns of their evil doing. Northern parts of Israel are on alert as the expected reaction will come, and, most probably some more innocent people will die.

The government of Iran played a key role in organizing the 1994 bombing. Until Iran is once again within the world community as an active partner in fostering peace, these senseless bombings will continue and the Iranian people will serve the cause of death and destruction.