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Swedish Artist Muhammad Material Causes Controversy

Swedish artist Lar Vilks is at the center of a new controversy surrounding his new musical, Dogs, which premiered in Stockholm over the weekend. The musical is a filmed documentation of events surrounding events that happened after he portrayed Muhammad as a roundabout dog. As Vilks tried to discuss his ideas, hundreds of people gathered outside to protest his supposed vile drawings while inside people screamed at him and a woman tried to use her keys to scratch his arm. The co-organizers of the event were “Muslims for Christ” were also attacked by demonstrators. An exhibit of Vilks drawings was stopped at the Kalmar Art Museum which decided it didn’t want to get involved in controversy.

Vilks initially created a controversy two years ago when his cartoons depicting Muhammad were published in Swedish newspapers. Vilks refused to allow threats to deter him on the ground “it is part of the rules of the game to be able to criticize religion and politics. It is nothing personal and I do not have it in for anyone.”

Most probably, if the work of Vilks had simply been ignored, the world wide publicity for his work would never have occurred. Those who seek harm to him only further his fame. It is also somewhat surprising so many Muslim groups are upset at caricatures of their prophet when throughout the Muslim world caricatures of Jews constantly appear in their press. Why is it permissible to depict Jews in the most nasty manner when similar caricatures are not allowed? Just asking.