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Taliban Warns US And Coalition Forces

Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban, warned western powers any increase in their forces within Afghanistan would only result in more and more casualties. “Your current casualties of hundreds will jack up to thousand casualties of dead and injured” warned the fugitive leader. Ironically, Omar warns there will be more death and destruction as George Bush is talking about sending additional American forces into Afghanistan. There are currently about 62,000 troops in Afghanistan and talk of an additional 20,000 soon to arrive. Omar is calling upon Afghans to abandon the Karzai government while Karzai is asking Afghans to abandon the Taliban and join his side.

Both the Taliban and America discuss the situation in terms of troops and fighting, but neither side has any program of economic assistance to the people of this devastated land. Seven years after the Taliban were driven out, America is discussing the need to build an effective Afghan army. Why wasn’t this idea accomplished seven years ago when it was then possible to destroy the Taliban which was weak and disorganized? Is this another topic, George Bush doesn’t wish to rethink?

President George Bush and the Republican Party have spent the past seven years insisting they are tough and will never deal with terrorists until every single last one is dead. Of course, this approach has created the horror of 4,200 American deaths in Iraq and the current chaos which reigns in Afghanistan. The Bush administration now finds itself in the awkward position of watching its protege, President Karzai of Afghanistan, offer to hold peace talks with Taliban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar. What does George Bush now do? Does he forbid the government of an independent nation to engage in peace talks? All his spokesperson could say is, “what we have seen from the Taleban, however, and from Mullah Omar–who we haven’t heard from n some time–is an unwillingness to renounced violence.” Of course, since no one has talked to him in seven years, it is difficult ascertaining his current views.

President Karzai said he would “go to any length” to protect the safety of Mullah Omar if he agreed to peace talks. Regardless of what the US desires, said Karzai, “I, as president of Afghanistan, will go to any length to provide protection.”

There is scant likelihood Mullah Omar is coming to any peace discussion. His forces continually are gaining in strength so why should he abandon what he believes is a strategy of peace knowing full well, Bush would never allow him to gain power?

President Karzai Extends Olive Branch To Taliban

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has decided the current process of utilizing military action to defeat the Taliban is not working and he has decided to reach out to Taliban leader Mullah Omar in an effort to attain peace. He said: “A few days ago, I called upon their leader, Mullah Omar and said, my brother my dear, come back to your homeland, come and work for the peace and good of your people and stop killing your brothers.” The president’s peace plea went against both the Bush and McCain view which refuses to have talks with the enemy and seeks to attain “victory” in Afghanistan. Karzai’s offer has placed Senator McCain in a dilemma, does he once again denounce his prior statements of no discussions or does he flip flop and support such talks?

A Taliban spokesperson old Reuters that Omar had said: “Reconsider our wrong decision of wrong occupation and seek a safe exit to withdraw your forces.” Omar boasted if the Americans and coalition forces remain in Afghanistan they will be defeated just as the Soviet Russians were twenty five years ago.

Karzai announced he would offer safe passage and protection to any Taliban leader who wants to come to Afghanistan to engage in peace negotiations. Will he offer the same deal to John McCain who wants the war to continue?