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US Intelligence Warns Of Growing Violence

Michael McConnell, head of US Intelligence, warned there was increased possibilities of world wide violence sparked by conflict over scare resources. Food and fuel needs are creating turmoil in many nations, particularly as scare farm land is switched to production of products that can be used as a fuel substitute. There is also the reality new technologies can be used as part of terrorist activities. He believes by 2025, the ongoing shift of wealth from West to East will have produced significant changes in global domination. The new system that emerges could result in a dramatically different world than what is known today. By that time, China will have the world’s second largest economy and as it proceeds into the 21st century, it might eventually be number one.

McConnell is concerned about the spread of weapons as technology improves and enables small groups of people to secure enough weapons as to threaten the security of nations. There is no doubt, the world of 2025 will be more multi-polar in terms of wealth and power.