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India To Pakistan-Here Is The Evidence-Act!

The Indian government for weeks has been engaging in rhetoric concerning terrorists who carried out the attacks on Mumbai, but it has finally decided to bring forth evidence to support its allegations. Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon turned over to Pakistani high commissioner, Shahid Malik evidence that Mumbai terrorists were trained in Pakistan and had connections with the Pakistan military in preparation for their attacks in India. Interrogation information extracted from the one captured Pakistani, Amir Kasab, reveal that “elements in Pakistan” provided assistance to the terrorists. Menon said a window of opportunity is now open for Pakistan to finally do something about ties between those “elements” and terrorism. Pakistan supposedly has promised to act with vigor in using the evidence to close down terrorist connections with members of the Pakistan military and secret service.

Hopefully, Pakistan will now begin sharing information with Indian authorities about what their investigation has uncovered. The main problem is that the infamous Pakistan secret intelligence service–ISI– is deeply linked with terrorism and it poses problems for any Pakistan government to do anything without causing turmoil within its own military.

India Asserts-Pakistan Denies Links To Terrorism

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan strongly denied there was any evidence of a link between a Lashkar-e-Tayyaba operative and the bombings in Mumbai. Although, India has the confession of the operative, the Pakistan government continues to insist no one from Pakistan had anything to do with the attacks in India. “We have no such information. We don’t accept that report.” An official of the Indian government said his country had been given information by the FBI that suggests such a linkage. According to Indian official Pranab Mukherjee, “We have been told that there is some strong evidence available to FBI and they have shared it with Pakistan.” However, Pakistan continues being in a state of denial.

Foreign mInistry spokesperson, Muhammad Sadiq insisted his government has not been provided concrete evidence from India about any linkage to his nation. He was also infuriated that anyone would dare suggest Pakistan’s secret service, the ISI was aiding terrorism. One can only conclude the Pakistan government is the only nation on planet Earth that is unaware of the ISI activities in sponsoring the creation of the Taliban and supporting terrorist attacks on India.

Mumbai Attacks Threaten Pakistan-India Relations

The horror of Mumbai which continues as gun men still are fighting in the hotels they seized will not go away even after every one of the terrorists are placed in prison. The government of India is furious because it believes at least elements of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Agency(ISI) either knew about the proposed raids or actively assisted those involved in the attacks. President Zardari insists he opposes terrorism, but the more important question is does he control his own secret service whose actions in the past by organizing and funding the Taliban and helping al-Qaeda are ongoing points of anger within many countries of the world. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blamed “external forces” as the cause of terror in Mumbai and everyone knows he meant, Pakistan, as the “external forces.”

There is obviously need for President Zaradari to appoint an important military leader whose first task is to disband the ISI and then create a new intelligence agency which reports to the government, not to military officials. Until the ISI is brought under control there will be no trust from India or other nations of the world. The Taliban-al Qaeda links must be ended, once and for all.