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Pakistan Terrorists Win The Battle Of Mumbai!

After ten men held an Indian city hostage to terrorism, they were finally subdued, but not before their goal of disrupting both Pakistan and India had been achieved. Indian officials announced that it was raising security to a “war level”which naturally secured a Pakistan response that it was pulling troops away from tribal regions in order to man defenses on the frontier with India. Although the situation is not as tense as 2002 when both nations came close to an armed conflict, Indian political leaders are bound to raise the fear of an outside aggression in order to secure votes in upcoming elections. The Home Minister has been fired and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is promising to upgrade the capabilities of special forces as well as expand the number of those troops.

Secretary Rice and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband will soon by headed towards India and Pakistan in an effort to reduce tensions. India has not yet claimed the Pakistan government had a hand in the Mumbai massacre, but it is clear a Pakistan-based group, Lashkar-e-Toiba played a prominent role in the entire operation. It is also clear that group has links to the Pakistan ISI organization.

It is amazing that ten men can come close to creating a war between two nations. It is important for the Pakistan government to clean up the infamous ISI including firing most of its leadership if there is ever to be trust in the Pakistan government.