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India Attack Seeks To End Negotiations

It has been over a year since Islamic fundamentalists launched a coordinated attack on the Indian city of Mumbai which resulted in extensive casualties. One fall out of the attack was for India to halt any further attempts to enter into negotiations with Pakistan which it believed was behind the assault. Last week, the government of India finally reached out to Pakistan in order to resume discussions on important issues that separate both countries. Yesterday, a bomber set off explosions in a popular restaurant known as The German Bakery and the result was nine dead and 57 wounded. Within hours of the bombing, conservatives in the Indian Parliament called for the end of any possible discussions with Pakistan.

It is rather simple, just set off a bomb and it is certainly going to result in the bombing out of any talks between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan Military May Be On Red Alert

There are reports from Pakistan media their military may have been placed on a High Alert over reports India may be planning action in response to the Mumbai attacks. Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Pakistan, Kamal Hyder, says all branches of the Pakistan military are on a red alert due to fears of an attack on their nation. Pakistan has been blamed by India and other nations for its failure to crack down on the militant Lashkar-e-Taiba group which most probably planned the attacks on Mumbai. According to Hyder, “The Pakistan air force has been seen visibly in a number of locations flying close to the Pakistani-India border in what is being described as an aggressive patrolling mode following reports that India is planning pre-emptive strikes against locations in Pakistan.”

India’s Foreign Minister Mukherjee has expressed disappointment with failure of Pakistan to crack down on militants and said India would “explore all options” to compel Pakistan to take action. The danger is either nation becomes frightened and does something which leads the other to use military force.

Give Us Evidence Demands Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has decided the best defense is an offense and is demanding India produce concrete evidence the terrorists who roamed through Mumbai came from their country. Pakistani officials say they need evidence in order to place suspects on trial. The Pakistan government, undoubtedly, is caught in a dilemma, it must present a strong presence against India in order to please Pakistanis while it seeks to cooperate with India in dealing with the problem. On the other hand, the Indian government has an outraged populace seeking revenge and, at this point, the only source of their pain is Pakistan. Pakistan Foreign Minister insists he has not seen any evidence submitted by the government of India he can use in prosecuting anyone.

Who does not the Lashkar-e-Dawa was responsible for the attacks? it is about time Pakistan stopped playing games and turned suspects over to Indian officials. They can provide legal aid to those accused.

Pakistan Getting Tough About Indian Demands

There is scant doubt the Mumbai murderers came from Pakistan and there is little doubt, at some point in the training of such men, the Pakistan ISI played some role. India and Pakistan have been enemies for over half a century and the level of mistrust is deeply embedded in both leaders of political life and those in charge of the military. India is demanding that Pakistan turn over to them 20 individuals believed to be involved in terrorist activities. Pakistan leaders so far refer to India’s “unsubstantiated allegations made in haste” But, Pakistan government officials intend to hide behind “national interests” and the invariable need to “defend its honor and dignity” as a nation.

Both nations possess atomic weapons and military leaders who can allow nationalism to take precedence over common sense. It pays Pakistan to cooperate fully with India’s requests for terrorists since someone who commits violence in India is just as likely to do so in Pakistan.

Mumbai Violence Just Another Chapter In Indian Violence

The violence which engulfed Mumbai was horrific but it is basically simply another chapter in the turmoil which has plagued India since it was freed from British rule. The moment of independence was marked by strife which resulted in the killing of hundreds of thousands as Muslims an Hindus clashed with one another. The clash over Kashmir has sparked additional conflict and deaths as both sides insist they have a claim to an area that historically was mainly Muslim. In 1992, a mob of Hindu extremists destroyed a Mughal era mosque which resulted in fighting that took over 2,000 lives. A year later, terrorists struck back by killing over 200 Hindus. In 2002, the state of Gujarat witnessed a massacre of over 1,000 Muslims by Hindu mobs.

India is the world’s largest and among the most successful democracies but it has not been able to shake loose from extremists from both Hindu and Muslim factions. Perhaps, it is time for Muslim and Hindu clerics to united in the struggle to restore peace to all areas of the country. Perhaps, it is time for both Indian and Pakistan school systems to work on peace education and religious tolerance programs.

We All Stand With The People Of Mumbai!

The attacks on Mumbai by fanatics whose only goal in life is the end of life can not be allowed to deter those who work for peace. One views pictures of dead bodies, men and women fleeing while holding the hands of children, flaming buildings, and police holding weapons while gazing confusedly towards the darkness of evil. The men who carried out the attacks undoubtedly believe they are engaged in some great movement to liberate the people of Pakistan or India or wherever, but their only goal is to plunge a knife into the hearts of devout Muslims who know their religion does not allow the death of innocent men, women, and children.

Terrorists regard themselves as noble warriors who in death free oppressed Muslims in the world. They function in darkness, they target women and children, they creep through the sewers of society smiling as they hurl a grenade into a hospital with sick people and children and smile gleefully as the bodies of the innocent lie in pools of blood. The terrorists of Mumbai are among the most emotionally disabled people in the world. Their faces never gaze in love or tenderness toward humanity since to them death and destruction are the meaning of life. Is this what the prophet Muhammad wanted in the world?

A mistake on the part of the government of India is to strike out against its Muslim citizens. They are innocent victims since Muslims died in Mumbai along with Hindus and Christians. If the Indian government lashes out at its Muslim citizens it will enable the terrorists to claim victory.

Now is the time for Muslim clerics throughout the world to issue a statement condemning the attacks on Mumbai and standing as one with the people of India.