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Shoe Rebellion Sweeps Iraq!

Five years ago, George Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier to announce, “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. Little did the American people realize the mission he said was accomplished was ensuring the people of Iraq had a right to hurl their shoes at the president and American soldiers. Thousands of Iraqis poured through the streets of Baghdad and other cities to show support for journalist Muntazar Zaidi who threw his shoes at the Bush during a press conference and shouted his hatred of Americans for the death and destruction they had visited upon his nation. The Iraqi journalist was under arrest for what authorities claimed was a “barbaric and Ignominious act” However, to thousands of Iraqis Muntazer has become a modern hero who expressed their real feeling toward the president that helped destroy their nation.

The journalist’s brother shouted in glee: “Thanks be to God, Muntazer’s act fills Iraqi hearts with pride.” As Iraqis marched through streets they help up high their shoes to show support for someone who finally sent a message to George Bush that his days of lying were over. As Muntazer sent the shoes flying he shouted: “tis is a goodbye kiss, you dog.” After Bush displayed his well known ability to dodge and twist when someone tells the truth about Iraq, the journalist added: “this is from the widows and orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.”

We believe the shoes of Mr. al-Zaidi will one day be enshrined in any museum erected by the people of Iraq in remembrance of the Bush war. Perhaps, since the war was over WMD that did not exist, we can allow Mr. al-Zaidi to go free since he threw shoes that did not exist. He will undoubtedly be placed in the shoe hall of fame.