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Virtual “Murder”Results In Real Jail

A Japanese woman faces the prospect of a jail sentence after she killed off her “virtual husband” in a computer game. the 43 year-old woman became angry because her online husband threatened to “divorce” her during the course of the Maple Story game that she logged on with his password and deleted his digital persona. She has been arrested and charged with illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data. The woman who used the man’s username and password to log in to the game and carry out the deadly deed, told police, “I was suddenly divorced–without a word of warning. That made m e so angry.”

The woman who lives in southern Miyazaki was taken six hundred miles to the home of the dead man in Sapporo where he used to live prior to his online demise. It is still unclear if she will be placed on a virtual world trial and her crime evaluated by a virtual world jury and virtual world judge. Who knows, maybe she will be sent to a virtual world prison for eternity.