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Does The Kremlin Care About Murder?

The continual attacks on human rights activists in Russia raises questions as to whether there is anyone in charge of the country who has the slightest interests in protecting the innocent from criminals. The murder of Ntalya Estemirova, a prominent fighter for human rights, makes clear that forces of oppression understand they can kill without fear of being caught, let alone tried for a crime. There is evidence the Chechen government of Ramzan Kadynov encourages attacks on those who dare raise questions about the deaths of those who oppose the little tyrant of Chechen. As mourners gathered to pay tribute to the woman who has stood up to Prime Minister Putin and his coterie of thugs, many shouted, “who is next?” A few weeks ago it was Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer who fought for human rights and is now dead at the hands of criminal assassins.

Her murder took place in the middle of the day when four men grabbed her as she entered her apartment, and threw her into a car, drove seventy miles and then dumped her body by the side of the road. It is clear they did not fear being captured or brought to justice. After all, this is Putin, Russia, in the year 2009.

President Medvedev told visiting President Obama he was committed to the rule of law. Russians who seek democracy and justice wait expectantly for Medvedev to assert his independence and end the Putin rule of violence.

Romas Victims Of Economic Crisis

Nations experiencing economic downturns seek to uncover answers for what has happened to create large scale unemployment. In the history of Europe, bad times invariably result for seeking a scapegoat and in many areas of eastern Europe the convenient group is the Roma population which already is viewed with disdain and fear by many people. During the past few months in Hungary there have been a series of attacks on Roma families which have resulted in the murder of several individuals. These assaults have ranged from burning homes and then killing Romas attempting to escape the building to killing a man returning from work. Police investigators believe there is a pattern to the murders including the probability that shooter is an expert marksman to the mundane fact that most of the murders happened in buildings which were the last house on the street.

In virtually all cases of these murders, those killed were citizens who were working or family members with no record of having been in trouble with others. The patterns suggests the murderer simply hates Romas and most probably stalks the victims to determine the right moment for death.

Hungarian Police Bungle Roma Murders

Hungarian police are being condemned by human rights groups for their bungling efforts in dealing with the death of a Roma man and his son who supposedly died in a house fire. Viktoria Mohacal repeated her charges there had been deliberate incompetence and bungling of the investigation of the deaths of the father and son. The initial investigation by police concluded the father and son had died in a house fire despite eye witness accounts of gunfire and the presence of petrol bombs and spent shotgun cartridges lying in the snow. Two forensic experts from a local university said the medical examiner report apparently was not a professional document.

The bottom line is that for too many people killing Romas is not really a crime and the perpetrators should escape punishment. There is need for a massive education program focusing on issues of multiculturalism which deals with the lives of Romas in Hungary.

Death Of A Roma Family In Hungary

The Roma family was gathered around the dinner table prepared for the evening meal when suddenly their peaceful life was interrupted by shouts and then fire bombs entered their home. As the family tried to escape, the father and his five year old son were gunned down by a group of bigots who hate and fear anyone who is not like them. The attack was one of several that in recent months have hit Roma families in an area south of Budapest. The police chief in the town said at least four Romas have been murdered in this manner. “There have been at least sixteen attacks on Roma homes, involving guns, petrol bombs or grenades in the last twelve months. In only one case has the perpetrator been brought to justice.”

A member of the European Union reacted with anger saying there apparently was little effort on the part of police to actively search to find the murderers. It took days before police in the village even admitted there had been a murder because their initial reaction was deaths followed a fire in the home. Hungarians a few weeks ago were shocked when an outstanding Roma handball player was murdered, but his assailant was never found. When will Hungary wake up to the hatred in their backyard?

Suspects in Human Rights Activist Murder Freed

A jury acquitted three men who were charged with the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya which is not surprising given the manner in which justice is dispensed in Putin Russia. The 12 member jury’s decision was unanimous and it was greeted by cheers in the court room. It took the jury all of two hours to find the defendants really didn’t kill anyone and as they left the men shook the hand of the slain journalist’s son who was critical of the entire investigation of the murder. After the men left the courtroom, Ilya told reporters: “I believe these men are involved in the murder of my mother.”

A lawyer for the Politkovskaya family expressed concern that authorities had done a poor investigation and they were not interested in securing a conviction. This is Putin Russia and the quest for justice is never the highest priority of those in power. Several fighters for human rights have been murdered in recent years and it is rare for any of their killer to be convicted of anything.

Putin Hears Voices Of Dissent In Distance

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian people endured years of chaos as plutocrats seized control over vast areas of the economy. Pensions were devastated and the old days of free medical care under communism ended as well as inexpensive rents and education for children. Out of the void, same Superputin, friend of former KGB associates whose goal was stability at the cost of freedom of speech, press, and political life. In the ensuing years any sign of protest invariably resulted in being hauled off to the nearest police station and a fine, if one was lucky. If one was not lucky, the result might be a bullet in the head, courtesy of your friendly hit man whose boss might be anyone of several people including government officials.

In the wake of an economic downturn, thousands are now protesting in the streets of Russia which makes difficult rounding up ordinary citizens who want answers to their complaints. One can only wonder if this anger might eventually be translated into formation of political parties which can encompass millions who want an economically strong Russia together with a democratic society.

America’s Legacy Of Drugs Wars In Mexico

The American obsession with wanting drugs and making the sale or possession a criminal act has spawned drug gangs all over Latin America, but none are more dangerous than those in Mexico. Americans sleep peacefully in communities on one side of the border while a few miles away drug lords kidnap, kill and destroy the very basis of law and order. Relatives of scores of missing people demanded the Mexican government dig up mass graves which were recently discovered that contained human remains. It is believed the bodies of over 300 people lie in these graves of violence whose bodies were dissolved in barrels of caustic soda.

Santiago Meza was the “stew maker” who dissolved the bodies for the Areliano drug gang. Although many of the victims died because of drug wars, many were individuals who had been kidnapped and never returned. Last year, about 5,700 people died in drug related killings. When will the American people address their need for drugs and end the madness of illegal drugs??

Another Human Rights Leader Killed In Russia

Individuals who assume roles in fighting for human rights within Russia have an unfortunate tendency to attract the attention of individuals who kill strangers. One of Russia’s top human rights lawyers was murdered in the center of Moscow most probably due to his defense of those opposing the Russian puppet government of Chechya. Stanlislav Makelov was shot in broad daylight on a busy street by a man who used a silencer . Markelov worked as a lawyer for the Novaya Gazeta newspaper whose famous correspondent, Anna Politkovskaya was also murdered during the day. An intern, Anasatasia Barburova, witnessed the shooting and when she tried following the man, he shot her in the head.

Putin is most probably not personally responsible for these killings, he is much too smart to get that close to anything so brutal. After all, he once worked for the KGB. His hand may not be on a murder weapon, but his words and disregard for the rights of those who oppose him sends a message to anyone out to murder those defending human rights. After all, Colonel Yuri Budanov who murdered a woman was convicted of murder in 2003 and released this week. In Putin Russia, murder is not a serious crime if you kill the right people.

Ku Klux Klan Kills Woman

A woman was invited to attend a Ku Klux Klan initiation ceremony in rural Louisiana and she wound up getting killed by the kooks who belong to the KKK. The local Klan leader, Raymond “Chuck” Foster, was arrested on charges he shot the woman after she requested to leave and return to her home in Oklahoma. Some sort of initiation ceremony was taking place when the woman must have backed out and asked to leave. A fight broke out and in the ensuing confusion the woman was killed. Several men are being held along with their leader. Several suspects tried to conceal the crime by burning parts of the woman’s clothes and hiding the body in the brush.

The madness of this case only exemplifies the incompetence of KKK leaders who cannot even kill someone in a rural area without the entire world learning of their deed. We should all give thanks the KKK is so incompetent.

Army Charges Soldiers In Deaths Of Iraqi Detainees

The Bush war has created pain for so many people whether in Iraq or the United States and its consequences are daily unfolding in disastrous outcomes for individuals who served in the armed forces. Many carry away physical pain from the conflict, others must deal with the nightmares which invariably accompany war. Three American solders were charged yesterday for the deaths of four Iraqis who were bound, blindfolded, shot in the head and their bodies dumped into a canal last year. Four other soldiers already have been charged with conspiracy for the Iraqi deaths which, most probably, occurred as an outcome of casualties inflicted on American soldiers.

The allegations against the soldiers relate to “the deaths of several detainees who were captured as a result of combat operations.” The Sunnis were captured during a shootout between American soldiers and militants. There is no question war brings out the best and the worse in individuals. Killing captured militants or civilians can not be excused away. Unfortunately, fear and anxiety can overwhelm even decent humans and lead them to perform actions that are not part of their normal behavior.