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Hindu Worker Beaten To Death Over Religious Issues

It was a typical day in the Karachi factory as men prepared to get ready for the day’s work in the leather factory. The men chatted, and for some reason the conversation got on the topic of religion. Words were exchanged, the conversation became more heated, and voices rose in anger. Suddenly, one of the men accused their friend of saying things that were outrageous. He pointed at the man who uttered the words, others began to shout at the man, and within moments a crowd gathered. They picked up whatever they could find to use in beating the man, their anger grew to fury, and within moments, the man was beaten to death as the group cheered at their deed. As a mob prepared to burn the corpse, police arrived and prevented this last piece of anger from unfolding.

The man who was beaten to death in the leather factory in Karachi was a Hindu. The men who beat him were Muslims. Their argument centered around the Koran and the Muslims insisted their friend has defamed the name of Muhammad and was guilty of blasphemy. The Hindu was a member of a small minority of people who were Hindu living in a predominantly Muslim community. Although, most Muslims and Hindus live in peace in Pakistan, there are always these isolated incidents when religion gets in the way of friendship and can result in death.

It was just another day at work in the leather factory.

Anti-Immigrant Hysteria Sweeps Italy!

Last week, an Italian woman was walking home when she was brutally attacked by a band of criminals who not only robbed her but left her dead body in a gully. The crime has aroused a fury of anger by Italians against their immigrant population which numbers nearly a million. Police swept through Roma immigrant camps, which are nothing more than shanties thrown together out of discarded wood and boxes. They demolished hundreds of these shanties and sent the immigrants to staging areas where they will be deported. A new law just passed by Italy’s parliament allows a local prefect to expel any European Union citizen is their actions constitute threaten “public security.” The law is now being enforced throughout Italy against Roma immigrants who historically have been hounded and persecuted wherever they attempt to live. Recent figures in London reveal that while the foreign immigrant population is 27% of the population, they only commit 20% of the crimes. Since arrival of about 700,000 immigrants nine months ago from countries like Rumania, Romas have been charged with exactly nine murders. It would be interesting to ascertain the number of murders committed by members of the Mafia during the same time period. Xenophobic and populist politicians are having a field day with the murder in order to justify their desire to get rid of immigrants.

Fear of foreign people is alive in Italy, a nation which historically welcomed such arrivals to their country. A single murder has now become the spark plug to unleash the fury of populism against foreigners. Italy might benefit from a similar anger being directed toward the Mafia in Sicily where crime far surpasses anything done by Roma immigrants.

Borat Meets The Borgias- A Story Of Family And Murder!

In a motion picture, Borat leaves peaceful, backward Kazakhstan on a voyage to the modern world of America. In real life, Kazakhstan is anything but a peaceful backward part of the world, it is the center of intrigue and murder. Rakhat Aliyev,former chief of the nation’s intelligence service, and son-in-law of its president, Nursultan Nazaerbayev, claimed his father-in-law ordered the murder of political opponents. He claims being given the order by his father-in-law to assassinate the opposition leader, Altynbek Sarsenbayev. During a 90 minutes interview held in a secret location because Aliyev has been forced into exile and fears he will be killed, the former intelligence chief revealed information about murders of other political opponents of the President of Kazakhstan. Aliyev was once the golden boy of the regime and destined to one day lead the nation but ran into trouble when his father-in-law feared Aliyev’s growing political ambitions and sacked him as Ambassador to Austria and made him flee for his life. “i”m no angel,” he admitted but denies he is taking revenge because his father-in-law forced his wife to divorce him. His accusations come at a time when Nazaerbayev is headed toward meetings with England’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown and with George Bush.

This story appears to be one lifted straight from a Shakespeare play about royal intrigue and conspiracies. Unfortunately, President Nazaerbayev has a reputation of being a cruel, sadistic ruler who has killed many people during his one man reign of terror. Maybe, Shakespeare is right about royal families.

Military Panel Acquits Soldier Of Killing Unarmed Iraqis

A military panel acquitted Spc. Jorge Sandoval on charges he killed two unarmed Iraqis, but convicted him of planting evidence on the dead bodies in an attempt to cover up the shooting. Sandoval’s lawyer claimed he was only guilty of misplacing government property by planting the detonation wire on the bodies. It is clear both men were unarmed and had their hands in the air after they accidentally stumbled on a secret sniper hideout. Spc. Alexnader Forbes who was with Sandoval said they were told by Sgt. Michael Hensley the suspects were “our guy.” In May, Sgt. Hensley was involved in a case in which Sgt. Vela killed an unarmed Iraqi who had his hands in the air.

This is a sickening episode in the history of the American military. How can one be “aquitted” of murder but found guilty of misplacing government property by planting evidence to cover up a murder! If one is covering up an action doesn’t that indicate one knows there has been a mistake? It is these type of killings which enable insurgents to gain popular support within the Iraqi population. By the way, there is no mention of any officers being around during these incidents. Why?