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Fear In The Russian Press-Murderers Murder

After the end of communism, there was hope in Russia that a new day was a-borning in which freedom of speech and the press would now be part of the nation’s experience. But, the arrival of Putin, first to the presidency, and now as prime minister has unleashed forces of hate and violence which stifle the expression of free ideas. The newspaper, Novay Gazeta, has been particularly the target of right wing nationalists who have killed with impunity because the Putin government sits back and smiles when another journalist is silenced by death. Yelena Kostyuchenko, a 21 year old journalist put it this way, “Every two years we lose somebody. But you just have to write, write, write and keep writing. You have to.” The alternative is allowing Putin’s thugs to decide what Russians read.

Since 2000, at least 16 journalists have been murdered in a contract killing style slaying. The killers in most cases just disappear into the void of inattention on the part of authorities. These days, an outspoken reporter in Russia takes self defense classes or hires a bodyguard. Such is life in “democratic Russia” in the era of Putin.

Terror Continues Against Iraq Women

The Bush invasion of Iraq has resulted in great changes within that nation, but, among the most unfortunate has been the rising mistreatment of women by radical Islamists. A few days ago, in the southern city of Basra, Iraqi police found the mutilated bodies of three young Iraqi women who most probably had committed “terrible crimes” such as going out in public or smoking a cigarette or trying to run a business in order to support a family. Two of the women had bullets in their head and one had her head cut off. Basra has witnessed droves of women who have been killed and their corpses left in garbage dumps. The killings are most probably by Islamist groups who intend to enforce their conservative way of life on the women of Iraq.

Even in Kurdish areas, women are being murdered, usually for some reason of violating family “honor” by falling in love with a man who is not liked by her family. In the process of establishing a “democracy” in Iraq, the women of the nation have lost rights they even had in Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime.