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Russian Lies About Human Rights Activists!

During Martin Luther King’s fight to achieve equal rights for all people, a common tactic of his opponents was spreading lies about the love life of the civil rights leader. Apparently, someone in Russia has decided to employ a similar approach to transforming the fight for civil liberties into crimes of passion, and when they refer to “passion” they don’t mean the passion of fighting for the rights of those who are oppressed. Izvestia printed an article claiming noted human rights activists Stanlislav Makelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova were killed because they were lovers and a jealous lover who was also a civil rights activist killed them in an fit of jealous anger. The newspaper claimed their own “investigation” had concluded that human rights had nothing to do with the killings and just blame it all on jealous lovers.

The article states the ridiculous belief that Ms. Barburova was killed because the killer thought she recognized him from human rights demonstrations. As we gather, those involved in human rights spend their time in bed making love and those shooting them are simply members of human rights groups, not those who oppose such activities.

I guess Izvestia has cleared things up for we ignorant people who actually believe there are members of the Russian government who do not like he activities of human rights supporters.

Unnoticed Murders In Germany And Neo-Nazis

Two young men were killed in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt within the space of a few days with suspicion both were victims of neo-Nazis, but the media has remained relatively quiet about these incidents. Rick L., a twenty year old art student, was brutally beaten to death by man identified as Rastian O. Bastian O. is a right wing extremist who has several previous convictions for similar attacks. A few days later, Marcel W. , who had just turned 18, was found with knife wounds lying in a pool of his own blood. His assailant is believed to be David B. another neo-Nazi with a criminal record for violent offences. The news of their deaths was not even reported in national daily newspapers.

Last week, when reporters from Der Spiegel asked a comment from the press office of the Interior Ministry about the murders, it was apparent they were not even aware of the second murder. The fact the two murderers are members of radical right wing extremist organization apparently is of scant interest to the Interior Ministry.

According to the Der Spiegel investigation, David B has been involved in neo-Nazi activities since elementary school. He has consistently created problems in his apartment building an threatened people who dared question him regarding his activities. A mystery surrounding the death of Marcel is how he came to be in David B.’s apartment given that Marcel was terrified of the skin heads.

These simply may be two isolated incidents that have scant import for the general German society or they can be symptoms of underlying issues festering within the society. Perhaps, it is time for the Interior Ministry to become more engaged with such incidents.