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Zimbabwe Struggles To Unite For Peace, Can It?

The situation in Zimbabwe has gone beyond “critical” into a human disaster stage in which unemployment has now reached 90% and inflation is at a 250,000,000% rate while million s have fled the country in search of any form of work. Movement for Democratic Change,(MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai has decided to accept the position of prime minister of a unity government even though common sense suggests Robert Mugabe will not surrender any power to his opponent. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has urged Tsvangirai to assume the position and promised it would help ensure a genuine sharing of power. Unfortunately, the SADC is not able to guarantee that will ever happen.

Tsvangirai was faced with a lose-lose position. If he refused to enter the “coalition government,” it meant disaster, if he enters the coalition government it may only result in the disaster being blamed on him as well as on Mugabe. The SADC promised to ensure a 12 member supervisory board would make certain there would be sharing of power, but that is a hope rather than an assurance.