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Musharraf Urges Brown To Be Tougher On Terrorists

Presdient Pervez Musharraf sharply rejected any criticism of his record in fighting terrorism in the northwest region of his nation. He turned the tables on his host, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, by claiming Great Britain has no long-term strategy of fighting terrorism and pointed out there have been dramatic failures in the country in being able to integrate its Pakistani immigrant population. He challenged Brown to take action in Great Britain against terrorism. “We have banned them in Pakistan, yet we are blame we are doing nothing. You haven’t banned them yet. So why blame us?” President Musharraf insists the Taliban are holed up on border areas because the United States did not do its job in Afghanistan. He has asked America to take back these Taliban extremists and let them live in Afghanistan.

President Musharraf raises some interesting points but it is apparent he still doesn’t understand the nature of a democratic society. Musharraf dismissed Pakistan Supreme Court judges because they opposed his ideas, he has instituted a state of emergency that effectively interfered with the political process and there are still lingering questions concerning his possible role in the death of Benazir Bhutto. Great Britain is a nation in whic free speech is allowed, they do not go around banning people because of speech, a concept that apparently is difficult for the autocratic ruler of Pakistan to grasp. If he really believes the northwest region of his nation is being brought under control it might pay him to check with Pakistani soldiers fighting in the area.