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US 200% Behind Me, Claims Musharraf

After concluding meetings with US envoy, John Negroponte, President Musharraf told the BBC that he had the complete support of the United States in his actions to fight terrorism. “they are liking me because we are fighting terrorism together. They show concern on the democratic front, they show concern over my uniform, they think what we are doing is the right directions.” As he spoke, the Pakistan army was launching a major effort in the Swat Valley against insurgents led by Mualana Fazullah. The Pakistan army issued its regular reports about dead militants and claims they were advancing in the valley. Most Pakistan experts believe the forces of Fazullah wiil allow the Pakistan army to kill some militants and the game will go on, the army advances, a few dead militants, and normality continues with Fazullah retaining power. It is apparent the only way Musharraf can continue ruling Pakistan is the presence of a war against terrorism.

The great mistake of the Bush administration is casting the struggle between the United States and forces opposing creation of stable governments as one against terrorism. The word “terrorism” describes an action of people, and one can not be against “terrorism” anymore than one can wage war against “crime.” These are abstractions, not realities. Bush has confused the entire situation emerging from 9/11 because he fails to grasp the nature of the struggle. It is not between democracy vs terrorism, it is a struggle to create stable viable governments committed to working slowly to foster vibrant economies that focus people on the importance of avoiding war and conflict. China is not a democracy, but it does not aid terrorism. We need more nations like China which eventually will become democracies, but in the meantime work for world stability.