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Muslims Not Receptive To Pope’s Visit

A few years ago, Pope Benedict XVI was giving a speech and quoted from a medieval text which referred to the Prophet Muhammad as violent. Middle Eastern Muslims are demanding the Pope apologize for the reference and promised not to regard his visit to the Holy Land as a welcome sight. A banner in Nazareth, the home town of Jesus condemns anyone who insults the Muslim religion or their prophet. Municipal officials refused to indicate if they would remove the banner prior to the Pope’s visit. Some Muslim clerics made clear they would not talk with him while others said they would engage in dialogue provided the Pope expressed his sorrow for the remark. Actually, the purpose of the Pope’s visit is to foster inter-faith relations.

There is something hypocritical about the Pope being compelled to apologize for remarks concerning a medieval comment. Read any Muslim newspaper in the Middle East and one encounters stories that are vicious in hostility toward Jews and Christians. Neither Jews nor Christians have any right to religion in nations like Saudi Arabia which apparently is OK with Muslim leaders who worry about medieval quotes. Visit any bookstore in the Middle East and get an inexpensive copy of Hitler’s books.

Darfur Hypocrisy Of Muslim Africans And Arabs!

On one hand, Middle Eastern and African Muslims have decried actions by Israel which violate human rights and have resulted in the death of over 1,200 Gazans, but in the next breath, thousands demonstrate in support of a war criminal who has killed over 300,000 in Darfur and caused the rape of thousands of women. The Organization of Islamic Conference condemned the International Criminal Court for issuing a warrant for the arrest of Sudan President Omar al-Beshir. The organization argued the warrant would cause destabilization of the region, but it did urge Sudan to investigate charges of war crimes. Iran and Hamas officials arrived in Khartoum to pledge support for the war criminal.

The world can only note the hypocrisy of Hamas leaders who rant and rave against Israel for killing people in Gaza, but apparently the death of 300,000 is of no interest to them because defending a Muslim comes before defending oppressed people in the world. Naturally, there are no protests in European universities at the death of 300,000 people and rape of thousands of women. If an Israel soldier raped a single Arab women the streets of London would be filled with angry students. It is not surprising that Muslims in Africa and the Middle East remain silent at the death of innocent people because the only thing that is of concern to them is the cause of Palestinians.

Believe it or not one can be concerned about the rights of Palestinians and the rights of oppressed people in Darfur. How about Muslim trying to be concerned about oppression throughout the world instead of having selective anger?

Obama Silence On Gaza–Is It Wise Policy?

Under the United States Constitution, George Bush is president of the United States until newly elected Barack Obama takes the oath of office. During the past few days, many people in the Muslim world have wondered if the silence of Obama concerning Israel bombing in Gaza is evidence the new president will take the same attitude as did Bush in supporting Israel in every possible way. Al-Jazeera, recently broadcast footage of Obama on his holiday in Hawaii together with scenes of death and destruction in Gaza caused by the Israel bombing. Its report sharply criticized the “deafening silence from the Obama team.” Many Muslims point out that Obama was openly sharply critical of attacks by Muslim fanatics in Mumbai, but he now uses the argument “there is only one president” and his name is Bush.

The reality in America is finding a solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict does not rank high on the list of of what must be done in the coming days. Most Americans obtain their information about the Middle East from TV stations that are pro-Israel, and, most probably, lack sophisticated experts on their staff to explain anger on the part of Palestinians about the bombing.

Obama is most probably correct in not getting involved in the Gaza bombings and destruction. However, from day one of his administration, there must be evidence he will fight to equity in solving the conflict and will respect the aspirations of each side. He was once a community organizer and should understand that in any conflict each side must given in on certain of its positions in order to attain a compromise. He must also engage in dialogue with Hamas as he does with all concerned in the conflict.