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Indonesia Bans Muslim Sect

Indonesian society has traditionally been a center of moderate Muslims and there are not many examples of violent terrorist activity emanating from the country. A decision of the Coordinating Board for Monitoring Muslim Beliefs In Society officially recommended to the Attorney General that the Ahmadiyah sect should be banned as advocating deviant ideas from the traditional Muslim religion. It noted, Ahmadiyeh continued to follow activities and interpretations that deviate from Islamic teachings. As a consequence, it has caused unrest and conflict within society.” Many Islamic organizations and scholars sharply criticised the decision as one which will only foster hatred and violence against members of the group. A major issue with the sect is its belief that others can be held in the same reference as one holds Muhammad.

The Ahmadiyeh sect is not creating disturbances in Indonesia. Any violence is not by them against other Muslims but stems from stirring up people to engage in violence against fellow Muslims who differ on some key points in the religion. Once the pattern is set that an official body determines what is or is not religiously correct, the end result may backfire on those who now attack members of the Ahmadiyeh sect.