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Turkey Or Iran–Which Is The Muslim Model?

The western media continually depicts Muslims as either fanatics or terrorists who are unable or unwilling to work for peace in the world. The model of Turkey is often ignored in discussing Muslim nations, and few westerners are aware that Turkish diplomats currently are working to mediate the conflict between Syria or Israel. Fewer even know that Turkey has cooperated with Israel for years and even conducted joint military exercises. Israeli President Shimon Peres in a talk at Oxford University raised the question: ‘Many Muslims will have to make their choice between the Iranian school of domination and the Turkish school of cooperation”–which is the choice?

There is no single “Muslim way” of thinking than there is a “Western way” of dealing with world conflict. Peres argued that his nation is presently in negotiations with Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon in an effort to find solutions to the complex issues confronting the Middle East. Of course, Peres did not deal with the issue of the West Bank and his nation’s need to confront its own citizens who are opposing efforts at peace.