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Report Vindicates Innocence Of Canadian Muslims

A report issued by a Canadian inquiry vindicated the innocence of three Canadian Muslims who were tortured and abused overseas. The report slams foreign officials for failing to provide consular services to its citizens who were in their countries. The overall conclusion was that Canadian actions and inactions “indirectly” or “likely contributed” to the detentions of two and the torture suffered of the other at the hands of Syrian interrogators who mistakenly thought the detainee was somehow connected to a terrorist organization. A difficulty cited in the report in determining the actions of the men is failure on the part of anyone to conduct a trial, present evidence, allow cross examination or even allow the men to present their defense after unilaterally charged with crimes.

Critics who charged their government failed to protect the rights of its citizens were concerned that no names of Canadian officials appear in the report. Of course, the Canadian government never apologized for allowing a foreign nation to imprison and torture its citizens.