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Gulf War Combat Vet On Terrorist List!

A former Army pilot who fought in the Gulf War has discovered his name is now on the terrorist list as a potential dangerous individual who might do harm to his nation. Erich Scherfen said unless his name is removed from the list he will have difficulty obtaining a job and his career might well be over. Scheferfen spent 16 years in the armed forces and attributes his presence on the list as stemming from his decision to convert to Muslim religion in 1994. His Pakistan born wife is also a Muslim and has never had any connection with terrorists or belonged to any organization that is on the list. Scherfen discovered he was a “positive match” on a list maintained by the TRansportation Security Administration which led his employer to suspend him and he will lose his job unless his name is removed from the list.

Mr. Scherfen is now suing the government which he loyally served and risk his life to defend because some bureaucrats apparently believe if an American Christian converts to the Islamic faith there is something suspect in their loyalty to America. The American Civil Liberties Union is working with Scherfen to uncover the reason why his name is on a terrorist list. Gee, if someone converts from the Muslim religion to Christianity do they also get placed on a terrorist suspect list?