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Is Saudi Arabia An Ally Or Enemy?

During the past decade as the world engages more frequently with terrorist groups, there is a strange silence regarding the role Saudi Arabia has played in formenting terrorism in the world. Saudi money has paid for thousands of religious schools in which young boys are taught to hate the West, Christianity and Israel. Check the lives of Pakistani terrorists and many received education in one of these Saudi financed schools. Chorbishop John Faris on Ethiopia decries the surge of Saudi supported schools which are proliferating in Ethiopia and Eritrea. He points out these two nations “have a 50% Christian population with a Christianity that is so old that it retains Jewish customs such as keeping kosher.” The Bishop believes there is a Saudi program to build dozens of mosques in the two nations in order to further the conversion of their people.

Of course, every religion has the right to seek converts, but in Saudi Arabia’s case the form of conversion also entails getting boys into schools where they are indoctrinated with anti-western ideas and a belief in sharia law which places women in secondary place in society. Exactly how does the Saudi drive for Muslim education assist world efforts to eradicate terrorism and hate?