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Muslim Brotherhood Leader Blasts Islamic Groups!

Ali Abdel Hafeez, who left the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood last year created a new storm of controversy by labeling Islamist movements as “perversions” whose existance only leads to divisons rather than solutions. “Islamist movements, ” he told the Daily Star, “are perversions that stunt creativity and growth.” He argues a basic problem with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood is they consume energy into arguing about which group truly represents the Islmaic faith and spirit instead of actually doing anything to improve the lives of people. Hafeez believe democracy is the solution and when organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood attempt to portray themselves as the only coveyer of the Islamic faith the result is talk rather than action. He poses a simple question: If the Brotherhood has appropriated itself as the sole carrier of the Islamic banner, where did that leave other Muslims?

Hafeez is creating his own group, the Alternative Movement, which most probably will not be accepted by most Muslims and will spend its energy in talk and protest. But, he raises an interesting question, why isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood the Egptian Brotherhood? Hafeez believes a major problem in the Muslim world is spending time attacking the West instead of recognizing the strengths of western government which have gained the allegiance of most people in their society. Instead of “judging them and berating them, we should learn from them,” he says.

Hafeez rasies some serious questions about too many Muslim societies. He notes the Muslim Brotherhood spends a great deal of time worrying how many times a person prays each day instead of worrying how to create a modern vibrant society that meets the economic and political needs of people.