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Cybercrime Impacts India

India is facing new challenges in dealing with Muslim militants who apparently are using cybercrime as part of their efforts at spreading terrorism. A group of extremists hacked into an Internet connection to claim responsibility for a new round of deadly bomb attacks. Mumbai police’s anti-terrorism squad said the company’s wireless network was unsecured and had been hacked the third time in as m any months. One email sent before the blasts in the western city of Ahmedabad in July originated from the hacked wireless connection of a US national working in the city. Another email that threatened police was linked back to a college in the city.

We most probably are living in the early years of what eventually will become a major factor in crime on this planet. The use by extremists of the Internet will only increase and become more deadly in the years ahead.

Is China Cracking Down On Muslims In Xinjiang Region?

The press ignored a small piece of news last week which expressed anger on the part of American congressmen concerning what they termed a brutal Chinese crackdown in the far northwest Xinjiang region of Muslim Uyghurs, a Turkic ethnic group which has been making sounds about their desire for more self government. The US protest dealt with a closed July 9 trial of 15 Uyghurs who were charged with advocating terrorism. The trial resulted in the execution of two and life imprisonment for the remainder. China responded it had received threats which led to the arrest of 82 people who they accused of being terrorists.

It is still unclear whether Monday’s two bomb blasts in the Chinese city of Kunming are at all related to the separatist Muslims, but they undoubtedly raised concerns among Chinese officials who want the world to see a peaceful and harmonious China when it arrives for the Olympics.

The war between China and the West is proceeding in central Asia as Americans attempt to support moderate Muslim groups even as Russia and China crack down on extremist Muslim groups. It may not be the same as what is happening in Afghanistan or Iraq but there extremist Muslim groups are arising in central Asia.