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Racism Rises In Austria As Anti-Muslims Sling Mud

The campaign against Muslims in Europe reached a new high in slime when Austrian politician Suzanne Winter blasted Muslims and said they should go back to where they came from in the Mediterranian area. She went on to accuse Muhammad of writing the Koran while controlled by “epileptic fits” and of being a “child molester” because he married a six year old girl. She claimed, in an interview, that child abuse is “widespread” among Muslim men and that Austria is facing a “tsunami of Muslim immigration” which threatens to transform her Christian nation within twenty years into a Muslim one. Her comments aroused a fury of protest in Austria and officials are investigating whether she could be charged with incitement to racial hatred for her remarks.

A few weeks ago in Germany, Ronald Koch, a conservative politician, thundered on about “criminal young foreigners” as part of his campaign to stir up hatred in the quest for electoral victory. Perhaps, Ms. Winter is unaware that Muslims lived in Spain for hundreds of years and that most Muslim are found in Asia, not in the Mediterranean region. She is resorting to the oldest political strategy in the book, attack those most easiest to attack in hope that hate can generate a few extra votes. At least Ms. Winter is maintaining an old Austrian political approach, first used by her fellow Austrian, Adolf Hitler, but in this case the enemy is the Muslim, not the Jew.