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French Court Over Turns “Virginity Lie” Verdict

A French appeals court over ruled a decision by a lower court which allowed a Muslim male to get a divorce on grounds his wife lied about the fact that she was a virgin. The couple married in 20006, but the man was furious to learn his wife was not a virgin and demanded a divorce. A court in the northern town of Douai granted the annulment on grounds the woman, in effect, by lying regarding her past sexual history ended the marriage. The appeals court held virginity was not “a condition posed for their union.”

If every marriage between a Muslim man and woman allowed sexual adventures prior to the marriage there would be few marriages since men are not necessarily virgins on the marriage date. Perhaps, someone can explain why men don’t have to be virgins but women do? The only logical answer is religion gives men rights that are not accorded to women.

Muslim Girl Wanted Freedom-Got Death!

Growing up in Great Britain, seventeen year old Shafilea Ahmed, loved her life at school, enjoyed being with boys and girls from all backgrounds, and wanted to continue her education and go on to the university. her desires clashed with those of father and mother who insisted she act as the first born girl and marry a man of their choice. An uncle got together with her father to arrange a nice comfortable marriage for her with the uncle’s son. Shafilea resented their efforts and ran away several times, including even registering as homeless because she preferred the life of a vibrant young girl who could enjoy life with young men and women of all social backgrounds.

In 2004, she disappeared and police initially arrested her mother and father on charges of kidnapping but had to release them due to lack of evidence. They finally found the decomposed body of Shafilea on a muddy river bank. The coroner concluded she “was the victim of a very vile murder.” Shafilea had apparently been murdered elsewhere and her body brought to the desolate spot where she would remain buried and unknown for three years. There are times when a culture must take a back seat to the laws of a nation.