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British Tourists Warned To Avoid Drink In Muslim Areas

The British government has warned tourists to be careful of their behavior while vacationing in Muslim nations and to be particularly concerned about excessive drinking or public displays of affection. Women are being advised to dress in a modest manner and not to display warm affection for a male while walking the streets of Muslim nations. Due to the economic crisis a large number of British tourists are avoiding European Union areas and seeking out vacation spots where the pound has a bigger bang. The number of visitors to Egypt this year has increased by 38% and to Turkey by 32%. The Foreign Office last year dealt with the cases of 75,000 British tourists abroad who encountered problems with local authorities. In a recent case of two British tourists in Dubai they were arrested for having sex on the beach or at least what local officials termed “sex.”

Of course, if the British are seeking vacation spots where affection, kissing, and sex are welcomed, there are always nice places in the world such as San Francisco which welcome those who want a free sex life. Hop on a plane for the good old USA, the land of economic plight where your pound will produce a lot of bucks.

British Tourists Warned To Behave In Muslim Nations

The British government is issuing strong warnings to holiday travelers in Muslim societies to be careful on their behavior in public and to avoid kissing in public or engaging in extra-marital affairs in a strongly religious world in which women who dress in sexually revealing clothes may run afoul of authorities. The number of Britons going to Egypt has increased by 38% and to Turkey by 32% as people seek to leave European Union nations in search of countries where the pound will allow a better financial aspect. Warnings about modesty are also being given to those who visit Malaysia or even the Kenyan coast of Africa. Most Muslim nations have strict anti-drug laws and frown upon excessive drinking of alcohol in public.

As the British economy slows down and more people either lose their jobs or see a reduction in pay, the prospect of vacationing in low cost nations, many of which are Muslim, seems more attractive. It is one thing to go on a drunken binge in France, and another to do so in the United Arab Emirate. Last year the Foreign Office helped 75,000 British tourists who encountered difficulty in the country they thought would be a pleasant are in which to vacation. Ironically, the global meltdown will assist low cost Muslim societies in attracting tourists.

Sudan Threatens War In Chad

The government of the Sudan has done more to destabilize northern regions of Africa than any other nation on the continent. Its brutal policies in Darfur have left hundreds of thousands dead and wounded or refugees in other lands. The government of Chad reports tht thousands of rebels, who were trained and armed by the Sudan government, are massed on its border and prepared to invade. Defence Minister Mahamat Al Abdallah claimed: “Once again the regime (of Sudanese President) Omar al-Bashir, as part of the its determination to destabilize Chad, is massing, training and heavily arming thousands of its mercenaries to launch attacks in the next few days.” The Defence Minister believes the Sudan seeks to control central Africa as part of its plan to spread the Islamic faith in the region.

Many Muslims leaders are quick to attack Israel or the United States for actions they claim destabilize the Middle East and Africa, but they remain silent when the Sudan engages in genocidal policies or attacks neutral nations. This failure to seek stability in the end will only result in ongoing destablization and chaos for the people of northern and central Africa.