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Is Ten Minutes Time Enough To Pray?

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradwi, a well known Egyptian TV host and cleric, told his viewing audience that too much time was being wasted each day on prayer and there had to be cut backs in time alloted to pray. “Prayer is a good thing…10 minutes should be enough” and then on to work. The cleric is raising an issue which is frequently overlooked as to how much time each day should be allocated to prayer. Ahmed Ghan, works at the 13 story Mugamma building which employs 18,000 people and who deal with a multiple of issues, did a study of work which indicated “when it comes to prayer time, and there are many, there is no hope of anything getting done for an unknown length of time.”

Shahat al-Gendi, of a center for Islamic Studies at al-Azhar, says Sheikh al-Qaradwi, is absolutely correct and that all too often, people should not “use prayer as the pretext” for goofing off from work. He also agrees that “10 minutes (is) absolutely suitable for one prayer. Improving productivity is not contrary to Islam.”