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Horror Of Honor Killing!

Once again the world has to read about an example of a father or mother or brother or uncle or cousin who decides a female in their Muslim family did something inappropriate which means they must be killed. Jawdat Naijar discovered his 27 year-old daughter owned a cell phone which led him to the logical conclusion she was up to no good. He suspected she committed the heinous crime of using the phone to talk to a man–a man, that is, who was not a member of the family. Mr. Naijar proudly turned himself in to the police and they soon found the battered body of his daughter, her head and face were bloodied and her entire body was covered with bruises. It appears dad beat her with an iron chain and punched his own daughter for about forty minutes–all in the name of “family honor.”

The usual “punishment” for honor killings in Gaza ranges from about six months to three years in prison. Unfortunately, the daughter is dead because she had the unfortunate honor of being born into a family of thugs and killers.

P.S. How come no men are beaten with chains and killed because they had sex with single women?


I confess to never having been raised as a member of a religion which gave me the right as a male to kill a female member of my family because she had violated something termed the “family honor.” I confess to never having been raised as a member of a religion which allowed me to serve as investigative officer, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, jury and judge in determining the guilt or innocence of a female member of my family regarding her behavior. The family originally came from Kabul in Afghanistan. Montreal residents Mohammed Shafi, his wife Tooba Mohammed Yhaya and their 18 year-old son, Hamid Mohammed Shafi, have been charged with first degree murder in connection with the death of their three teen-age girls whose bodies were found in a car submerged in a canal. The girls ranged in age from 13 to 19. According to an email sent by Mohammed’s sister Diba Masoomi, who lives in France, the girls were killed in accordance with issues of the family’s “honor.”

At some point, Muslims must confront the reality that somehow their religion provides sanction to those who do not grasp the meaning of being Muslim that one can kill family members on the basis of how they behave. I do not believe any religion justifies this form of barbarism, but for some reason, there are Muslims who have gained this viewpoint. There is no “honor” in killing girls whose behavior is not considered appropriate. For some reason, the concept of “honor” never appears to apply to male members of the family. I wonder why?

Off With Their Backs And Let’s Teach Good Behavior!

I confess to being an infidel who does not understand the intricacies of the Muslim religion or its approach to issues of trial, sentencing, and punishment. However, every so often one encounters a weird story from a Muslim society in which women really get the back of the hand while men, at most, get a slap. One hundred fifty women in the Maldives face the prospect of flogging along with about 50 men. Judge Abdullah Mohamed of the Criminal Court emphasized the use of flogging was not designed to injure anyone, but was simply a way of letting the culprit as well as society know about behavior that should be avoided. When asked why more women than men wind up getting flog, the good judge responded: “A man after making this problem will go away and maybe the woman will have relations with more than one man and won’t know who is responsible or the mean denies it.”

I assume hidden in this rambling bit of philosophy is the kernel of rationality, but since I am an infidel, it is difficult to me to understand the rationale of beating a woman on her back until she bleeds in the name of God or whoever. I have a hunch God hangs his head in sorrow when men go about beating up on women for doing things these men do with impunity.

No Freedom To Laugh

A few years ago a Danish cartoonist created a furor when he depicted Muhammad in a turban which connected the religious leader with violence. Riots broke out all over the world against not only the cartoonist but the nation of Denmark. The website of the International Free Press Society (IFPS) was hacked because it was selling tee shirts which had the cartoon as part of a campaign to raise money in support of freedom of the press. When it comes to cartoons, there are Muslim fanatics who will not tolerate any such display that attacks religious leaders. Of course, their anger against making vicious attacks on religious leaders does not include fostering hate against Jewish religious figures.

Protests against the cartoon are simply manifestations of hypocrisy on the part of Muslims who will not tolerate any jest against their religious leaders but insist on freedom of the press to criticize Jews.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Reaches Out To Alevi

Turkis Prime Minister Gul hosted a dinner for members of the Alevi community in his nation which was probably the first time a Turkish government official had taken such a step. The Alevi are considered a liberal denomination of the Muslim faith and are subject to extreme persecution and discrimination in other Muslim nations. Many Alevi boycotted the dinner because they doubted the sincerity of the prime minister. Erdogan told the audience of Alevis, “we all belong to this country, we are all brothers. We must know and understand one anotheer. We must not give in to those who would sow division.” However, even as he spoke, a Turkish court turned down a request by Alevis that their place of worship, a “cemevi” could be recognized as equivalent to a mosque.

The Alevis have long been fighting to attain equal rights in Muslim nations. The Turkish court decision is unfortunate because it fails to acknowledge the right of Muslims to have their own beliefs and accords to government the right to decide which is or is not an official house of worship. We applaud Prime Minister Erdogan for reaching out to those who are facing discrimination in his nation.