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Geert Wilders Interview With Der Spiegel

Geert Wilders, the provocative right-wing politician from the Netherlands, discussed his anti-Islam film, “Fitna,” which already has provoked demonstrations in Muslim nations througout the world with correspondents from Der Spiegel. Mr. Wilders claims “the political elite has demonstrated with astonishing clarity that it learned nothing from the debate over the Muhammad cartoons. It bows to the Islamists.” The basic argument of Mr. Wilders is that he does not harbor hartred toward Muslim people, but to the ideology that is propogated in the Koran and by militant followers.

Mr. Wilders argues he is attempting to “provoke a discussion” so that when an imam attacks homosexuality or supports forced marriages, other Muslims will stand up to denounce those words of hate. He argues the concept of “moderate Islam” is a “contradiction. It’s going to be a long time before we see a new Koran, an equivalent to the New Testament. Attacks don’t happen in the name of Buddhism or Chrisitianity, nor do homosexuals get beaten up, as happens daily in Amsterdam.”

An essential problem with Mr. Wilders and his views on the Muslim religion is that he allows a minority to represent the majority. People killed in the name of Christianity well into the 20th century and people killed in Rwanda in the name of an ethnic group. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed less than twenty years ago and they were not slaughtered by Muslims. To have lived in the 20th century was to have witnessed every conceivable horror known in human history and the overwhelming majority were carried out by true believers in communism or Christianity or some political ideology. The reality is that Muslim terrorists do not pose any serious threat to the western world, they have destablized many Muslim nations, but part of the reason for chaos must also fall on the shoulders of people like George Bush.

We await anxiously the next Wilders film entitled, “Frat Boy” or “How George Bush Destabilized the Muslim World.”