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The Sickness That Is The Muslim Terrorist

Robert Fisk, writing in The Independent, reported the story of Margaret Hassan and her death at the hands of sadistic Muslim fanatics whose only thought is to kill in the name of God as though any God in this world wants an heroic woman to be brutally murdered on television. Fisk was allowed to see the video of her death due to Al Jazeera TV reporters who themselves are frequently sickened by the manner in which terrorists kill their victims while recording the sordid and brutal episode on video. Margaret Hassan, a friend of Fisk, brought medicine to Iraqi children in the 1990s, opposed the US invasion of Iraq, and was a tireless worker for peace and the Iraqi people, but the cowards who killed her in the name of their so-called fight for freedom are among the most sickening creatures in the world.

Ayman Gaballah of Al Jazeera, who has seen numerous such tapes of murder and brutality told Fisk his organization did its best to withhold such gory episodes from their TV programming. One video shows Ms. Hassan being forced to admit she worked for the Americans even though she opposed them. In another, a man calmly shoots her and the video depicts her body falling onto a plastic sheet. No decent human can cheer at the death of a woman who fought for the rights of Arab people. Fisk was also shown a tape of 18 young Iraqis who were shot and killed and a man whose head was severed.

The Fisk report also describes the idiotic behavior of Dick Cheney and CIA director George Tenet who visited the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khaifa, who supports Al Jazeera and being read the riot act by the arrogant American. The Emir also got all of a thirty second interview with Dick Cheney who was infuriated at the idea of an Arab TV station presenting a viewpoint other than the official American line of thinking. Al Jazeera is a force for reporting that which most Americans never see– another viewpoint about the Middle East.

These horrible scenes of death when sometimes shown on videos frequently receive cheers from angry Muslims who somehow believe killing innocent westerners is justified due to the death of thousands of innocent Muslims at the hands of American forces. The death of any innocent person is to be condemned by those who adhere to moral values. An Israeli death is no different than a Muslim death, both are horrible events. Margaret Hassan died because she believed in peace. Let us all celebrate her heroism and we condemn those who killed her.