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Norwegian Politicians Spreads Hate!

If you live in Norway, head for the fjords because them Muslims is headed your way to spread their headscarves and funny eating habits all over the nation of Norway. Progress Party leader Siv Jensen warned that Norway is in danger of being overwhelmed by “those people” and we all know who “those people” are, don’t we? In the 1930s, “those people” were the Jews and today they are the Muslims according to the idiot lady who leads a Norwegian political party. She warns Norwegians that Muslims want to impose their ideas on the nation as part of what she termed “a subtle Islamification” of her beloved country. I bet those Middle Eastern people don’t even like to ski on the slopes of the mountains!

This courageous defender of racism promised if her party gained power it would rule under the banner of Norway for Norwegians and there would not be any special privileges for any religion. I believe she would be pleased if all Arabs hit the road to Baghdad and never came back. So, tell me, Ms. Jensen, were the present Norwegian people always in the country or did they come from elsewhere?

Mumbai Terrorist Confused About Mission

Amir Ajmal Kasab, the lone Mumbai terrorist who was captured, revealed to interrogators a confused story about the goals of his mission of death. He claims when originally recruited for a mission, it was the assumption of his group they were going to make an attack in Kashmir, and it was only later on they discovered the mission was to create havoc and death in Mumbai. His group spent over a year in training and it was only at the last stage they learned the real destination of what they were to do. Kasab says he was indoctrinated into a hate-India program which said it was his destiny as a true Muslim to kill the Indians if he wanted to wind up in heaven. According to interrogators, “he did not regret the act and insisted that his actions were not against Islam which is against the killing of innocents.”

M. Kasab apparently finds nothing wrong with his handlers sending him on a suicide mission which entailed killing of innocent women and children. He sees nothing wrong with never discussing with his handlers any form of escape, death was the only alternative and the death was those on the mission, not the death of the handlers.

As an objective outsider, one wonders if people in Muslim societies will be demonstrating in the streets about the death of Indian civilians and children?

Christian Missionaries Invade North Africa

A new band of undercover Christian missionary is making an appearance in Muslim North Africa as the search for new converts extends to unexplored areas of humanity. The number of Moroccan Christians has supposedly grown this decade from 100 to about 1,500 which certainly should cause alarm to the millions of Muslims in the region. It is estimated there are about several thousand Algerian Muslims which should not be surprising given the extended French presence in that country. Christians are using television and the Internet to spread word of their religion. Amin, a young convert to Christianity, was told by his father to leave the house and seek help from Christians because he was no longer a member of the family.

Most new Christian missionaries do not have the extended knowledge of local cultures which was more common among earlier mission efforts. The new missionary is more likely to establish a business like a language school and use it as base to convert individuals. It is most likely that anyone who converts to Christianity while remaining in a Muslim area must pray and engage secretly in religious activities.

It always amazes this writer why people of religion become so upset if an individual decides to pray elsewhere. Isn’t the object to get a person in a connection with God? Oh well, I guess that is very naive since for some religions the real issue is how many join your group.

Riots In Sweden Reflect Athens Flu

Police from Stockholm and other Swedish cities are being sent to Malmo to handle a growing tension in the southern city which has been wracked by riots over the past two days. After two nights of intensive rioting, police requested assistance in order to quell the disturbance. Emotions have been running high in Malmo’s immigrant district of Rosengard after police forcibly removed three squatters from the basement offices of an Islamic culture center. The premises had been occupied since November 24th as part of a protest against the landlord’s decision not to renew the association’s lease for the space which it has occupied for fifteen years.

The riots have grown with intensity with each passing night. Police were pelted with Molotov cocktails and bomb threats were made to local businesses. There are reports rioters were joined by left-wing extremists from outside the area who go by the name of “autonomists.” The fire department has refused to enter the area torn by riots.

The Malmo riots most probably have nothing to do with Greek youth, but reflect tensions arising from the arrival of African and Muslim immigrants who are encountering discrimination by native born Swedes.

Female Muslim Leads Prayers In Britain

Professor Amina Wdud, a visiting American scholar from California, will be the first woman to lead Friday prayers in Britain. She will be delivering the sermon as part of a conference on Islam and feminism which is being held at Oxford. Taj Hargery, a fighter for human rights in South Africa, said the Koran is clear, “whatever is not expressly prohibited is permitted.” He challenged Literalists who say a woman should never lead a community. He signaled out the Wahhabi who do not believe in the “innate equality of men and women.”

Mokh-tar-Badri, vice president of the Muslim Association of Britain, argued that not allowing women to lead prayers had nothing to do with prejudice against females. He said God had ordained, “Women can lead prayers before other women, but before a congregation of men and women, a man must lead.” That is one view on what God wants.

London Police Hit With Second Major Bias Case

The London Metropolitan police have been hit by a second case in which a major senior official charges prejudice. Yasmin Rehman, a Muslim women who is employed in a diversity role within the force said yesterday she was preparing an employment tribunal claim which was now at an advanced stage. Ms.Rehman devotes extensive time dealing with cases related to “honor killings” and forced marriages. She intends to claim there has been bullying in the workplace against her. Her intended denunciation of the Metropolitan police comes right after Tarique Ghaffur, Britain’s most senior Asian officer has made similar claims against Commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

Scotland yard said it had no knowledge that Ms. Rehman is contemplating any charge against the force and described her as “a valued employee” adding “is she is contemplating an employment tribunal this would be a matter of regret.”

Perhaps, there is nothing to the charges leveled against Scotland Yard, but the fact two key officials are complaining about discrimination should be a matter of concern.

Muslims Have Mixed Reactions To Globalization

A recent study by the World Public Opinion(WPO) organization revealed mixed feelings among Muslims throughout the world regarding the impact of globalization on their lives. A majority in most nations support the idea of becoming part of the international economy while at the same time fearing taking such action will negatively impact their own cultural and religious views. Steve Kull of WPO, notes, “In the process of economic globalization, Muslims are not separatists. Economic integration within the world they say is a positive thing, but they don’t want it to undermine cultural identify.” Of the 5,200 people surveyed in Muslim nations such as Pakistan or Egypt or Indonesia or in societies such as Nigeria which contains many Muslims, the majority opted for participation in the world economy.

The WPO survey reveals a common view among those who seek to retain their cultural and religious values, they want to be part of the world and they want to stay away from world trends toward cultural change. Muslims blame “western values,” but those changes most probably transcend a particular nation or area of the world. They are part of modernization regardless of which group fosters the process. It is the price of living in an international community.

Philippine Truce Broken By Both Sides

The fragile truce between government forces and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MLF) apparent has been violated by both sides in the conflict. Abdurahman Macapar, Commander Bravo, issued a defiant challenge to government forces daring them to confront his men. “We are prepared to trade fire with them until we are decimated. If they cannot finish us, we will finish them.” Commander Bravo does not necessarily reflect the views of other MLF leaders who are working to establish a peace agreement with the government. Leila de Lima, of the
Commission on Human Rights, called for a ceasefire and accused both sides of truce violations. Ironically, both sides did agree to a ceasefire only to disregard their own signatures.

This is a war that has been going on for decades. UN and American diplomats urged the MLF to respect civilians and to adhere to UN guidelines on refugees. Unfortunately, there appears to be slight chance voices of reason will overwhelm those of violence.

Indonesia Faces Conflict In Papua Province

The International Crisis Group(ICG) warned the Indonesian government of the potential for religious conflict in its eastern province of Papua. A majority of people are Christian which makes it among the few areas where Muslims are in the minority. The ICG report notes “Papua has seen periodic clashes between pro-independence and supporters of government forces, but conflict between Muslim and Christian communities could also erupt unless rising tensions are effectively managed.” Both groups are actively engaged in religious activities and Christians fear the influx of Muslim immigrants which they fear is part of a government plan to reduce the Christian majority. Sydney Jones, of ICG, notes: “The potential for communal conflict is high in Papua because both sides consider themselves aggrieved.”

There is no doubt outside forces play a role in the growing conflict between Muslims and Christians. Muslim extremists are entering Papua and creating new tensions. Christians want to retain their majority while Muslims fear the Christian majority will stifle their rights.

US War On Muslim Terrorists Nabs British Cabinet Member!

American efforts to tighten its borders against entry by terrorists made a notable capture the other day when Britain’s International Development Minister, Shahid Malik, England’s first Muslim government minister, was detained at Dulles International Airport for 40 minutes while he was searched and humiliated. His hand luggage was searched for traces of explosives. Mr. Malik was returning from meetings with US officials. Last November, he was detained and searched at John F, Kennedy Airport as he flew to deliver a speech on tracking extremism and defeating terrorism, an event sponsored by the US Homeland Security Department. His comment was: “the abusive attitude I endured las November I forgot and I forgave, but I really do believe that British ministers and parliamentarians should be afforded the same respect and dignity at U.S.A. airports that we would bestow upon our colleagues in the Senate and Congress. Obviously, there was no malice involved, but it has to be said that the U.S.A. system does not inspire confidence.”

Sorry, Mr. Malik, malice was intended. The Bush paranoia about foreign terrorists has made too many people suspicious and acting in demeaning ways toward our guests. Mr. Malik was insulted for one reason — he was a Muslim and to many US officials that automatically means he is a suspicious person.