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Kenya Muslims Demand Government Keep Promises

The National Muslim Leaders Forum (Namief) criticised some of Kenya’s Muslim leaders for failure to be honest with the government regarding problems encountered by the nation’s Muslim population. They said the government of President Kibaki had treated Muslims with contempt and urged the Muslim community to vote against Kibaki in the upcoming election. Namief was particularly upset at the silence of the Kenya government about imprisonment of Kenya citizens in the Guantanamo prison and supporting American and Ethiopian assaults on the Islamic government of Somalia.

Large areas of East Africa have an extensive Christian population, but there is also a large Muslim presence. The United States and Ethiopia launched an attack that overthrew the Islamic government of Somalia in a war that many African Muslims interpreted to be led by Christians against Muslims. President Bush frequently does not completely grasp the complexities of issues impacting the people of Africa.

European Court To Rule On Religious Classes In Turkey

Two Alevi Turks have brought a case before the European Court against compulsory religion lessons in Turkish schools. They claim the religion courses they must take have a distinctive Sunni Muslim perspective and this violates articles of the European Convention on Human Rights guaranteeing liberty of faith in education. They also seek removal of all compulsory religious classes since they violate the rights of non-Sunni Muslims. The Turkish government argues the classes are no about religion, per se, but simply provide information about culture and morals. It is expected the court’s decision will have an impact throughout the European Union.

Hopefully, the court will strike a blow for the right of atheists and those who are not of a dominant religious group. The case also highlights how within the Muslim religion there are many groups and sects.

Thai Muslim Rebellion Continues

The southern Thailand Muslim insurgency continues with killing a Thai general during an attack on trucks carrying teachers to school. The Muslim insurgents have targeted schools and teachers in their campaign to achieve an independent state in southern Thailand. A Thai officer noted: “The insurgents can still getaway with these attacks because they are supported by the people in the area.” There have been more than 6,000 examples of violent action since the rebellion began on January 1, 2004 and at least 2,500 people have been killed.

Thailand is mainly a Buddhist nation, but its southern half contains a large Muslim minority which believes itself blocked out from power. Southern Thailand is also among the poorest regions of the nation. The Thai government is making traditional mistakes in responding to insurgents by resorting to military action rather than political and economic efforts.