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Israel Government Descends Into Toilet Politics

Every nation, at one point in time or another, discovers it has an albatross around the neck of its government which projects the exact opposite image that is desired. Israel Foreign Ministe Avigdor Lieberman is vivid proof that human evolution has not occurred. The nation which spawned great leaders such as David Ben-Gurion or Golda Meier now has the Russian born thug and foul mouthed foreign minister at the helm of its foreign affairs. Lieberman has ordered Israel diplomats to circulate a photograph from 1941 which depicts a prominent Muslim cleric together with Adolf Hitler. This is factually correct, there were Muslim clerics who were pro-Nazi including important clerics in Jerusalem. As the Palestinian Authority noted in response to the order, “it’s an old story that has its own circumstances and it doesn’t apply to the present.”

If one seeks to play the “pro-Nazi game,” perhaps Lieberman would like to review the record of Italian Jews, many of whom were members of the Mussolini Fascist party and served in the armed forces as well as government. That was then, the circumstances were different, and this Lieberman story only once again proves he is a disgrace to the Jewish people, to the nation of Israel and to the field of diplomacy. Is this his best argument?

Muslim News Never Reported By US Media

The right wing media in the United States is quick to sound the battle cry of terrorism every time some group or individual who is Muslim engages in violent acts. However, it is rare for the American media to present information concerning the peaceful desire of most Muslims who respect the rights of others and seek a world without violence. Few, if any, American media outlets will give note to the fact leaders of several religious groups in Indonesia gathered at the site of the recent Jakarta Hotel bombings to pledge to work for peace. Leaders of human rights and religious affiliations held two prayer meetings to honor the nine who died and the fifty who were wounded.

Members of the Indonesian Anti-Violence Community including Hasyim Muzadi of the Nahdiatal Ulama Islamic Council participated in the prayer sessions which also included representatives from Christian churches. This is a “non-news story” according to the American media — no one got killed, no one sounded cries of death to America and the West. The session simply consisted of ordinary Indonesians who believed in peace.


The world is experiencing a serious economic crisis, there are wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and many societies are grappling with serious social issues of aging. But, in Denmark, the nation was shocked to learn that a Muslim volunteer for the Home Guard went through the entire training course while wearing a headscarf! Maria Mawla was even featured in a photograph discussing the Home Guard, but unknown to the photographer, she was hiding her headscarf under the helmet. Members of parliament are insisting that since she violated Home Guard rules, this woman must be dismissed from the service. Ulrik Hragh, head of the Home Guard Committee in parliament said: “it was an error that the woman in question was allowed to conduct her courses wearing a headscarf.” He emphasized that regulations must be enforced for security reasons.

I am confused. Ms. Mawla completed her training course, she did what was required to secure a passing grade, but, the Home Guard is up in arms because she wore a headscarf. I suspect her ability to complete assignments and undergo all requirements while wearing a headscarf proves that wearing a headscarf has NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCCESS IN COMPLETING TASKS. If she encountered difficulty, it would be evidence wearing a headscarf got in the way of training.

This is simply a storm in a teacup.

Will France Allow Turkey Into European Union?

The issue of whether or not Muslim Turkey will be admitted into the European Union will most probably be determined by the attitude of France since President Sarkozy is against allowing a nation containing large numbers of Muslims to enter a European organization. Pierre Leilouche a leading French politician has been a vigorous supporter of Turkey’s entry into the EU but Sarkozy bought him out by offering the position of France’s new minister to Europe. According to Leilouche, “there is one government policy, there are not two, and it is the government’s policy that I will carry out.”

Turkey represents to Europe an opportunity and a serious problem. The problem is will the European Union be fundamentally altered by the presence of a nation whose population is mainly Muslim? There is no question the presence of Turkey will provide Muslims will a strong supporter for policies that foster Muslim ideas. On the other hand, if Turkey can be integrated within the European Union it raises the possibility of melding historic European ideals of democracy and religious freedom within a Muslim context.

Obama Speech Reactions From Hindustan Times

Following are comments from the Indian Hindustan Times pertaining to the Obama speech.

“US President Barack Obama won praise from many Muslim leaders on Thursday for a speech he crafted to repair Ameerica’s tainted image in the Islamic world, but more sceptical reactions showed he still had a mountain to climb.”

Rana Achmawi, editor of Egypt’s Al-Ahram Hebdo: “America for the first time is adopting a very wise strategy in acknowledging the other and that was clear in every word chosen by President Obama.”

Khalid al-Dakhil, Saudi analyst: Obama message was one of “reconciliation and new beginnings,” kbut “whether it will be successful in bridging the gap, that will take time.”

Hassan Fadlallah, of Hezbollah: “The Islamic world does not need moral or political sermons. It needs a fundamental change in American policy beginning with a halt to complete support for Israeli aggression against the region, especially against Lebanese and Palestinians, an American withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, and a stop to its interference in the affairs of Islamic countries.”

Miriam Gal-el, a Jewish settler on West Bank: “he’s a great threat to Israel’s security because he doesn’t understand the meaning of Israel to Jews.”

Sheikh Abdulahi Sheikh Abu Yusuf, of Somalia: “Obma’s speech is good and Islam means peace. Obama, let’s follow the verses you quoted from the Koran.”

Are British Muslims Being Blackmailed?

The war on terror all too often provides excuses for forces of authority to justify coercion and intimidation to gain control over people. Five Muslim community workers charge MI5 resorted to blackmail in an effort to get them to become informers. They claim the choice was either work with us or face deportation, harassment or detention. Three of the men say they were detained at airports while on trips back home to visit family and then returned to the UK. MI5 agents interrogated them and offered the choice of working with security forces or facing the consequences. According to Adydarus Elmi, an agent named Katherine said: “if you do not want anything to happen to your family you will co-operate.”

Another Muslim community worker, Mohamed Nur, was told if he didn’t work with MI5 they would inform every airport where their plane flies that they are on the list of terrorists which would mean being detained, imprisoned and probably tortured.

At this point, there are claims by five Mulsim community workers and a lot of denial from authorities. The only solution at this point is for an independent investigation.

Torture Is Never A Pretty Picture

During World War II in which hundreds of thousands of American soldiers were killed, President Roosevelt insisted, unlike George Bush, that pictures of dead members of the military should be shown to the public. During World War II, pictures of Japanese soldiers beheading Americans were shown to the public. Today, both Bush and Obama apparently lack trust in the truth because the president has now gone back on his agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union to have pictures depicting torture in Iraq and Afghanistan released to the public. President Obama now insists to allow those pictures to be seen would endanger the lives of American soldiers. An official commented: “The president strongly believes that the release of these photos, particularly at this time, would only serve the purpose of inflaming the theaters of war, jeopardizing US forces and making our job more difficult in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.”

We big to differ with this view. In the coming days, President Obama will be making a speech directed to the Muslim people. If during that speech, Obama apologized to the people of Iran for the CIA action in overthrowing the Mossadegh government and then he admitted Americans had abused prisoners and promised to release those pictures, millions of Muslims would react with praise, not anger. They would know an American leader is being honest and acknowledging wrong doing.

Pope Benedict Straddles Fence In Israel-Maybe?

Pope Benedict XVI did his best to straddle the fence on the touchy issue of an independent Palestinian state while visiting Israel. “I plead with all those responsible to explore every possible avenue in the search for a just resolution of the outstanding difficulties, so that both peoples may live in peace in a homeland of their own within secure and internationally recognized borders.” In reality, he was urging the creation of an independent Palestinian homeland which was not welcome music to the ears of the Netanyahu government. The Pope has been under attack from Muslim sources due to a comment he made three years ago when he quoted from a Medieval document which made disparaging references to Mohammed.

Benedict’s tour de force was valiant and most probably he will wind up getting someone angry at him. He visited the family of a captured Israel soldier which got Muslims upset because he did not visit the families of imprisoned Muslim leaders. One can only wonder if the Pope wishes he simply remained in Rome and stayed away from the certainty regardless of what he said or did, the only result would be anger on the part of someone over something. Now, as to the Holocaust and the role of Pope Pius XII, ……

If You’re Muslim, You’re A Terrorist Says Aussie

A group of Muslims in the city of Camden in Australia wanted to build a school for their children just as Christians or Jews have religious centered schools for their youngsters. Several residents testified allowing an Islamic school in their quaint Christian community would led to a generation of young people schooled in the art of war. According to Judith Bond, “values of violence will be emphasized. It will be a breeding ground for terrorists.” Other residents feared allowing a Muslim school would lead to ending Christmas decorations of nativity scenes at Christmas. Kate McCullogh summed up the feelings of some residents by making clear, “let’s start making people understand that the Western way of life is the best way of life.”

This is a minor episode in the war to demonize Muslims, but it raises several ironic issues. Australia was founded by convicts from England which suggests that crime and criminals predate the appearance of any Muslims. The Australian Christians who oppose violence and war somehow found a way to wipe out large numbers of the aborigine population which got in their way. Sorry, Aussies, you will always come out ahead of Muslims in the race as to who is the most violent group in Australia.

Controversial Muslim Leader OK In Rotterdam

Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan was hired by the city of Rotterdam to “help lift the multicultural dialogue to a higher level.” The scholar supposedly was to lead public debates which are aimed at bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures in the Netherlands. Last month, a gay magazine, Gay krant, charged that Tariq Ramadan had made homphobic and mysogenistic statements on tapes that were distributed to the Mulsim community. Critics charge that Ramadan says one thing in Arabic to Muslims and another to the Dutch community of Christians. However, the city of Rotterdam, after investigating the allegations, said there was no evidence to support claims against him, and extended his contract for two years.

Ramadan’s basic meesage if that Islam and European culture do not have to be at odds and he wants development of what is termed, European Islam. Right wing party leader, Bas van Tijn, of WD, argues that Ramadan is not qualified to bridge communities because he does not speak Dutch. If he does lack knowledge of Dutch, it does seem unusual to appoint him to head a drive to bridge communities.