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Issue Of Great Import-Size Of Mosques!!

As I wander around America, it becomes clear in the midst of poverty and financial ruin, every community must have a church of bank within three blocks of one another. Now, along come Muslims who dare to build mosques that are “too big” or “too tall.” I thought the object of a church or mosque was to get as high as possible in order to be nearer to God. These days in Germany, a hot topic to cause controversy is the height or size of a mosque that Muslims wish to construct. It is unclear to any sane individual why some Germans believe building a large, tall mosque somehow infringes on their rights and threatens their religion. Some German politicians term the proposed large mosque to be built in Cologne an attempt to challenge Christianity.

OK, it might be a valid complaint that a call to prayer over a loudspeaker than can reach for a long distance infringes on the right of privacy of Christians. But, how does building a mosque for Muslims which will be staffed by Muslims and only cater to Muslims infringe on anyone’s rights or property?

Perhaps, opponents can solicit funding for a church that is twice the size of the mosque which undoubtedly would result in a bigger mosque and so on. Who cares. As I recall, it is not the size of height of churches or mosques that are important, but what goes on inside them.

Religious Conflict Continues in India

During the past few weeks, India has witnessed virulent anti-Christian riots led by Hindu fundamentalists who have burned Christian villages, beat up people and forced others to convert to the Hindu religion. Rioters in southern India killed six members of a Muslim family by setting fire to their home. The deaths followed earlier riots in which four were killed and 15 wounded. A Muslim member of Parliament, Asaduddin Owaisi, bluntly said: “Despite our repeated pleas and appeals, the government has failed to provide protection to the Muslims who live in remote areas and who have a very small population those places.”

Ironically, after the initial religious wars which occurred when both nations were formed, there has been basically a fairly calm situation until in recent years, Hindu fundamentalists have become aggressive in rioting against Muslims and Christians.

The government of Silvio Berlusconi ran for election on a platform that was blatantly anti-immigrant, anti-Roma and anti-Muslim. It is not surprising that hatred of minorities is rather commonplace in Italy. Two recent riots highlighted how Berlusconi and the right wing have transformed their society into a hotbed of prejudice. At Caserta, a seaside resort north of Napeles, African demonstrators overturned cars and burned rubbish in anger over recent gangland killings of six African immigrants. A day later, thousands demonstrated their frustration in Milan over the killing of a young boy who stole a biscuit from a restaurant. The police claim that drug lords in Naples killed six African drug dealers who would not pay the increase required of them by dominant gang leaders.

These demonstrations reflect frustration and bitterness at being in a society in which if one’s skin is black or if one is identified as a Roma, authorities will treat the individual as someone who is inferior and not due respect as a “real Italian.” If a nation’s leader sanctions prejudice, it is not surprising that thugs and neo-Nazis will come to believe they have carte blanche to attack and murder.

Italian Right Wing Aims At Restricting Muslims

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been promoting a hate Muslim campaign in order to stir fears of those who are different in order to gain political popularity. He now intends to limit the growth of Islam in a nation that has long been regarded as a center of Catholicism by blocking the construction of mosques by imposing strict new building regulations. The anti immigrant Northern League is pushing for a bill which will make difficult construction of new mosques. Berlusconi and the Northern League are counting on growing fear among Christian Italians over newly arrived Muslims. Abdel Hamid Aha’ari, president of the Islamic Cultural Institute of Milan, said “there are still situations where I feel uncomfortable or strange because they(Italians) don’t see me as someone who is integrated” despite the fact of having lived in Italy for seventeen years.

The Northern League has employed childish methods of displaying anti-Muslim feeling such as having Roberto Calderoli, who later became a member of the cabinet, walk his pet pig over a proposed site for a mosque. Northern League MP Andrea Gibelli insists mosques discourage integration and are places of cultural indoctrination and spread terrorism. The proposed bill would ban construction of mosques within a kilometer of a church and oblige imams to speak Italian.

One can only wonder if Rabbis are allowed to serve in a synagogue who do not speak Italian.

Creationism In The Classroom? Yes, Says UK Scientist

A leading British scientist has called for teaching creationism in the classroom because at least ten percent of students enter education with such beliefs. Professor Michal Reiss, director of education at the Royal Society, called for discussions about this concept, but not teaching it as a subject. “I’m trying to make it less likely that students will ignore science, that they will detach from it, because it makes them f eel that they can not continue with science because it conflicts with their beliefs.” He argues there are an increasing number of Muslim students who have been raised in fundamentalist homes in which they are taught the Earth is only a few thousand years old and was created by God.

Professor Lewis Wolpert of University College London, responded: “Creationism is based on faith and has nothing to do with science, and it should not be taught in science classes.” Of course, the entire idea of creationism is based on ignorance and lacks any scientific validity, but Michael Reiss raises the question as to whether it should be confronted in schools. Perhaps, instead of science classes it should be discussed in history since it does represent a modern manifestation of ignorance, much as cultural discrimination.

Muslim Terrorists Continue Campaign Of Terror In China

The western areas of China mark the point at which Muslim invaders were able to establish their presence and over the course of time to create a Muslim center in China. During the past few years, Muslim terrorists belonging to the East Turkistan Islamic Movement(ETIM) have been conducting attacks on local Chinese forces. Two days ago, in Kashgar, sixteen policemen were killed when two terrorists drove a truck into an electricity pole and then began throwing bombs. Kashgar is China’s westernmost city and the attack resulted in the death of 16 policemen and the wounding of over a dozen.

There is little doubt the ETIM is behind the attack and it most probably is an attempt to gain some publicity as the Olympic Games prepare to begin. The terrorist group does not have the power or resources to pose any serious threat to the Games or to the Chinese nation. The main point to be gained from such attacks is the need for the Chinese government to become more sensitive to the needs and aspirations of local people.

US Orange Juice Campaign Against Al-Qaeda Launched!

James Glassman, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, explained to Turkish reporters his nation is involved in a public relations war to cripple al-Qaeda’s appeal to the Muslim world. “Our priority,” he explained is “not to promote our brand but to help destroy theirs. think of American values and political system as orange juice. Think of the al-Qaeda system of violent extremism as lemonade. Our job for the short
term is not to put all our efforts into getting people to drink orange juice, but to get them not to drink lemonade. They can drink anything else they want: Milk, ginger ale, tomato juice, Coke… We are confident that ultimately they will come around to orange juice or something like it…”

This is an excellent Madison Avenue approach to dealing with world problems– reduce complex social, economic, and value issues to orange juice and lemonade! In a sense, his comments exemplify the problems of the Bush administration– bringing into positions of leadership individuals who spout their ignorance in terms that are certain to turn off the rest of the world. Hopefully, America stands for something more complex and compelling than a cold drink of orange juice. It is interesting Mr. Glassman envisions his role as destroying something rather than creating something.

British Muslims Viewed As Second Class Citizens

Britain’s first Muslim cabinet minister spoke bluntly about how it feels being a Muslim in contemporary British society in which those of his faith are treated as second class citizens. Shahid Malik said, “I think mot people would agree that if you ask Muslims today what do they feel like, they feel like the Jews of Europe.” He made clear the reference in no way compared anti-Muslim actions with the Holocaust. He was discussing emotional feelings on the part of Muslims to being in a society that is quick to equate them with terrorism or with supporting terrorist actions. “Somehow, there is a message out there that it’s OK to target people as long as it’s Muslims.” The British cabinet minister had his car firebombed and he was nearly run over while in a petrol station.

There is no doubt a significant percent of the British people believe Muslims are somehow responsible for the 2005 attacks which killed several people in London. Crazy inaccurate rumors are spread such as requirements in hospitals to move the beds of Muslim patients five times daily so they can face Mecca. There is need for considerable education about the Muslim religion for the average British citizen.

Jews, Muslims, Christians Unite Against Common Enemy

In the genre of science fiction a common theme is the presence of a foreign entity which compels people of the world to unite because only by forgetting what separates them will they be able to halt the invasion from outer space. The city of Jerusalem is now the scene of Muslims, Jews, and Christians working together in order to stem the tide of a common enemy– gays and lesbians. The annual gay parade next week has aroused the fury of religious right wing fundamentalists who regard the very thought of gays and lesbians as an abomination and anathema to core Biblical beliefs. The High Court of Justice ruled gays and lesbians have a right to march and this event will be guarded by 2,000 police who hope to ensure there is no violence along the four city block march.

Gays and lesbians insist they have the right of free speech and the march is a symbol of tolerance and pluralism. Ariel Atla, a resident told the Jerusalem Post, “there is no reason to make problems–there are enough problems without them.” However, Olga Biyudin, who works in a bank, argued, “Jerusalem is for all the people in the world.”

The anti-gay parade organization proves that Jews and Muslims can cooperate and work together since all they need is a common enemy. The trick is creating a common good that would bring together these diverse groups. Anyone have one?

Chickens Come Home To Roost To Muslim/Jewish Dismay

The decision by the European Union to allow pig remains to be used to fed poltry has sparked an uproar of anger among Jewish and Muslim citizens of the EU. Both religious and animal rights activists argue the change would place families at risk, offend religious sensibilities, and lead to a major consumer backlash. There are 25 million Muslims in Europe as well as a few milion Jews. Some agricultual experts believe consumers would be upset that animal remains are being used to feed the chickens they are eating. Dr. Abdel Majid-Katne, of the Islamic medication Association, termed the proposal, “a sinful idea.” On the other hand, Philip Comer of DNV Consulting, argued: “The by-products of salughter are a very valuable source of protein. We should not be wasting it.”

The principle that making money takes precedent over the values of consumers is a rather dubious feeling that must have some limits of good taste. In essence, the change makes it difficult for Muslims and Jews living in the European Union to eat a chicken. Is the price of anger worth the saving of money?