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Day Nine Of Cyclone Disaster-One US Plane Allowed

The people of Myanmar have waited for nine days for their government to indicate the slightest concern for their welfare, but, aside for two UN planes that landed, the military junta has been hesitant to make any concessions to world opinion. But, out of the blue, the thugs who govern Burma finally granted permission for a single US plane loaded with supplies to land with supplies. The UN estimates due to failure on the part of the Burmese government to act responsibily, at least 100,000 people will die because of the cyclone and the botched relief effort. Donors throughout the world have sent enough supplies to last for months but nothing is moving due to refusal on the part of the junta to allow in UN relief workers to supervise distribution of supplies and reconstruction work.

The UN has reached the point where it has absolutely no faith in the integrity of the Burmese government or its statements about the cyclone. The junta seized aid in the two UN planes that landed and allowed their own workers to distibute supplies in an effort to claim credit for any aid received by people. At this point the main concern of the junta is having a vote on their constitution which would legalize their dictatorship and imcompetence.

Madness Of Myanmar Continues With Denial Of Aid

Thousands of bodies still float in the waters of Burma, but the thugs who control the country still refuse to allow foreign aid workers to enter the nation in order to organize a process of aid to the people. Over a million people are homeless as planes sit parked at the Bangkok airport because the military junta will not allow foreign access to their nation. However, the junta has imposed a vacation ban for all officials, not because they want to organize their own relief effort, but to ensure everyone is focused in the coming days on the referendum which will legalize their rule. “This clearly shows their priorities,” said dissident leader Bo Kyi. “They won’t allow their ploy to be spoiled even by tens of thousands of dead.”

Although thousands are without water or food, the government newspapers are mainly discussing the upcoming referendum which will bring about the concept of a “flourishing discpline democracy.” Richard Horsey of the UN emphasized that “it is imperative at this point that they open up and allow a major international relief effort to get underway.”

It is difficult to even conceive leaders of a nation could simply refuse access to trained and skilled relief efforts due to their paranoia about foreigners entering their country. The little relief that has been sent is being taken over by the military junta who most probably will claim they are the ones who are giving out the aid.

Who are these people? And, isn’t it time China uses its influence to force change upon the military thugs who run Myanmar?

Military Junta Dilly Dallies While Burmese Die!

Five days have passed in Myanmar and still its military junta leaders hestiate, dwadle, and refuse to initiate a major campaign of bringing aid to thousands of their own citizens who suffer without food or water. Upwards of over a million people may be homeless but the thugs who run Burma refuse to give complete assistance to UN efforts of relief. Richard Horsey, speaking in Bangkok for the UN, said: “bascally, the entire lower delta region is under water. Teams are talking about bodies floating aroound in the water.” Andrew Kirwood, head of Save the Children, speaking from Yangon, sad, “Many people are getting sick. the whole place is under salt water and there is nothing to drink. they can’t use tablet to purify salt water.”

The UN said Myanmar had finally authorize an airplane to bring UN aid supplies to cyclone victims. But, permission was still pending for a UN coordianting team to accompany the flight so they could get to Myanmar and assess the situaiton.

Officials in India said they had warned Myanmar’s leaders the cyclone was headed their way and they should take protective measures. Many Yangon residents say there were given vague and incorrect information about the approaching storm and no instructions on how to cope when it struck. The United States offered to send ships to help gather the bodies but the Myanmar junta most probably will not allow a foreign military to enter its territory. Its major concern at this time is proceeding with its referendum to ratify a constitution it wrote. Who are these people who run Burma?

Myanmar– The 50% Democracy!

Thailand President Samak Sundaravej joked with Myanamar‘s visiting president that denying the right of opposition leaders to participate in the upcoming referendum on a proposed new constitution for Burma suggested: “This is the way of a 50% democracy.” There was no visible verbal or physical response from the Burmese general other than a blank stare. However, his government did announce that opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi who has been under house arrest for nearly two decades, would be allowed to vote in the referendum. Of course, specific provisions in the new constitution prohibit her from running for office, but the military junta has decided to demonstrate its respect for democracy by allowing her to cast a vote for a constitution which abrogates, not only her rights, but those of any opposition leader.

The laws governing the referendum prohibit Buddhist monks, and nuns, high ranking Christian and Hindu officials the mentally ill, people living in exile and convicted felons from casting ballots. It is one of those elections in which vote totals can be obtained prior to the first vote being cast.

Burmese Generals Prepare To Impose Ideas On People

The world has moved on to more important issues since the days when monks walked the streets on Burma protesting the military junta’s attack on the liberties of the people. The world media offered horrific sights of monks being beaten, youth being assaulted, and the people of Myanmar being denied of all human rights in September, 2007, but that was then, and now is now. As the world dealt with its problems, military leaders of Burma were preparing the next stage in their imposition of “law and order” in their nation. The people of Burma on May 10 will be required to participate in a charade known as a referendum on the country’s new constitution, a document written in secret that ensures continuance of military rule in their nation.

Naing Aung Oo, a former student activist, noted, “It’s going to be a yes vote. there are two reasons, one is intimidation and the other reason is the high probability of rigging the vote.” In the last free election, the National League for Democracy(NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi won in a landslide. In the upcoming referendum the military junta will win in a landslide.

Under the new constitution, one fourth of all parliament seats are reserved for members of the military, there are restrictions excluding many opposition candidates from running for office and Suu Ky is banned from holding office because she is the widow of a foreigner. The entire process is simply an example o a military coup carried out by constitutional means.

Surprise Bombing In Myanmar

Myanmar has been ruled for nearly two decades by a brutal military regime but the reaction of the population has been relatively quiet and terrorist attacks are unknown. However, yesterday in Yangon, two bombs exploded in the dowtown section of the city inlcuding one near the luxury Traders Hotel. No one has stepped forth to claim credit for the blasts and security police are not quite certain what is going on. Fortunately, few people were on the streets and apparently no one was injued when two cars were blown up. Earlier this week, the state-run-radio predicted there might be bombings in protest against next month’s referendum on a new constitution which was drafted by the military junta. Myanmar has been without a constitution since 1988 when the military junta seized power and scrapped the nation’s democratic constitution.

This blog is not given to conspiracy theories but it might not be outrageous to suggest the military might plant bombs in order to portray themselves as defenders of law and order. Who knows what goes on in the minds of dictators and thugs.

Just Say No–To Burma Military Junta!

The Myanmar military junta is proposing a new constitution which was written in secret without any input from other components of Burma society. The pro-democracy supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi urged their nation to be brave and vote against this constitution in next month’s referendum. The National League for Democracy(NLD) issued a statement calling on the public “to clearly and bravely vote ‘No’ when you mark your ballots.” Although the public has yet to be given a copy of the constitution indications suggest it will allow the military junta, which overthrew democracy, to continue in power for several
more years. The NLD statement noted the proposed constitution: “is not in accord with the basic dcemocratic principles that the sovereign power power of the state is derived from the people” and it does not protect human rights of free speech.

Most of the 54 million people in Burma have neve been allowed to vote so the junta even had to issue a one page statement which explains what voting means and how it is to be conducted. The junta insists it is building a “discipline-flourishing democracy” whatever that means. It lso rejected a UN offer to dispatch observers and provide technical support during an election.

Singapore Makes Money From Myanmar

Presideent Bush has issued executive orders barring Americans from conducting business in Myanmar, but many of the companies who are on the US blacklist are openly doing business with Myanmar. Myanmar’s military junta rulers go back and forth to Singapore for everything from medical needs to having a good time. Senior leaders like Gen.Than Shwe travel to Singapore and his wife has been seen engaged in extensive shopping sprees. But, the exchange between Singapore and Burma is a two way street. Temasek Holdings, for example, is estimated to have invested over $3 billion in Myanmar. The prevailing view of Singapore businessmen is they have a wonderful opportunity to make money while the rest of the world avoids doing anything in Burma due to the oppressive military leadership.

According to an article in the Jakarta Post, “Without financial and technical support from Singapore, the junta would be greatly weakened and might seek peaceful political solutions with the National League of Democracy…There is too much money to be made.” The tragedy of the people of Burma is being too close to Singapore and too far away from nations that might assist them in their struggle against military oppression.

Myanmar-In Name Of Democracy–Shut Up!

Myanmar’s military junta is in the process of submitting a new constitution for their nation which supposedly will allow democracy to flourish. As first step in the move toward Myanmar style democracy the government stated anyone who distributes lelaflets or makes speeches against the new constitution can be imprisoned for three years. The Constitutional Referendum to be submitted to the nation allows for voting to be postponed or canceled in places affected by a “natural disaster, security breach, or other harm that could endanger the holding of a free and fair referendum.” The new constitution contains a provision that will prevent opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from running for public offices.

In the wonderful world of Myanmar democracy, anyone who makes speeches or hands out leaflets opposing the new constitution is guilty of a crime. Among guidelines for voting, any Monks, nuns, high-ranking Christian and Hindu officials or the mentally ill are not eligible to vote in the upcoming free election. Ballot boxes will be counted at polling stations and no outside observers will be allowed to monitor the process in order to ensure that democracy is in full operation. Actually, why bother to hold a “referendum” when the result of it is already known? The farce of what goes for “democracy” in Myanmar is an insult to the intelligence of the Burmese people.

Myanmar Military Junta Manipulates Election

Myanmar’s sudden announcement this week that opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi would be barred from participating in the upcoming election threw a damper on any hope they would back down from their refusal to accept any aspects of democracy. On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Nyan Win told a regional gathering in Singapore the new constitution barred her from running because she was married to a foreigner. Sunai Phasuk, of the Human Rights Watch, commented: “They have one goal in mind, that is to prevent Aung San Suu Kyi from taking office. All the rules have been set to prevent her for various reasons from running.” In the last free election she won an overwhelming majority which was then voided by the military junta.

After last fall’s demonstrations in Burma that were led by monks, the world hoped the junta might take a few steps back from their policies of refusing to budge on allowing democracy, but it is now apparent that hope is gone. It is even doubtful if her party, the National League for Democracy, will ever make it to the ballot.

Things remain the same. The junta is in complete power, India and China court these thugs in order to get economic concessions, and the people of Burma just suffer in silence.