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Jews Against Freedom Of Speech–In Israel!

People of the Jewish faith for hundreds of years have been leaders in the fight for social justice and freedom of speech and the press. However, there is increasing evidence in Israel that forces of intolerance and conformity have gained power in order to thwart those who seek peace and reconciliation with Palestinians. Naomi Chazan, heads an agency whose goal is “social justice and equality for all Israelis.” This fearless fighter for the rights of all people has been fired from the Jerusalem Post, and had demonstrators outside her home yelling the rant of haters that she is some sort of agent of the devil. Of course, in modern Israel this means she Is “serving the agenda of Iran and Hamas.”

Her New Jewish Fund is accused by right wing McCarthyites of assisting the UN Goldstone Report which sharply criticized both Israel and Hamas for war crimes during the Gaza invasion. Ms. Chazan has cited the arrest of people protesting West Bank settlement, but when West Bank settlers protest they are never harassed. Ms. Chazan states bluntly those who oppose anyone who stands up for the rights of Palestinians simply “don’t want a political settlement.” Their goal is to “delegitimize the human rights movement.”