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Why Do Intelligent People Become Brain Dead In Office?

There is something about selecting a supposedly intelligent person to serve in the American government which elicits within their brain cells some rather hectic activity resulting in a form of brain paralysis. Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is a former governor who was considered to be rather good, but since she has entered the Cabinet something has happened to her brain. Farouk Abdulmutallab went through security measures, got on a plane and sat in his seat. Finally, as the plane approached its destination he tried activating a bomb which was linked to his underwear. According to Ms. Napolitano, “the important thing we have to recognize” is that “everything happened that should have. So the system worked really very smoothly over the course of the past several days.”

I get it. When I purchase an airline ticket, I become some sort of federal marshall and when someone tries to blow up the plane I take off my shirt, reveal my Federal marshall tee shirt, and swing into action subduing the potential bomber. Is Ms. Napolitano really that brain dead to utter such nonsense.

Oh, Ms. Director, your boss, President Obama said there was a “systematic failure.” Of course, since he is the president why not appoint him to be one of those undercover federal agents who protect passengers!!

Canadians Worry About Obama Border Plans

Barack Obama has a dozen problems on his plate ranging from dealing with terrorism to the economic future of his nation, but for some reason, the president also feels the need to add new issues to the list. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano mentioned while in Canada that she had concerns about America’s border with her northern neighbor and this might result in using the same tactics to Canada that are currently used on the border with Mexico. She mused about the importance of treating all borders the same and applying the idea of fences and border patrols to the Canadian border as though somehow there is fear of immigrants pouring across and entering America as well as bringing in illegal drugs.

The idea of “border parity” makes absolutely no sense and it merely a way of creating a problem where none exists. If Napolitano is worried about “securing” America’s border with Canada, then America must be prepared to spend billions of dollars against a non-existent threat. What exactly is going on in the mind of Barack Obama? Does anyone know?