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Shocking News–Russians Have Sex And Use Drugs!

In Putin Russia, the object of the government is to know exactly what is going on inside the ranks of opposition members because if Father Vladmir doesn’t know everything, people might wind up doing things that upset the public order. One of his spies, Ilya Yashin, infiltrated the ranks of opposition groups and shared with journalists the results of his spy activities. Mr. Yashin showed reporters examples of what he termed drinking, hooliganism and seduction of minors by those who profess to believe in democracy. Unlike Father Putin supporters, these hooligans drink alcohol, and have sex with girls. But, how can these so-called supporters of democracy explain away a video of a 14 year old girl using drugs or drinking alcohol? We all know there is not a single example in Putin Russia of one of his youthful supporters who has sex before the age of 21 and under no condition will any of them drink any alcohol!!

Spies in a democracy is what Putin believes is the right way to conduct politics. At least it allows him to recall his days in the KGB when public order was the best solution to all things. Of course, in his view, public order means agreeing with Father Putin. And, stay away from sex and drinking!

Putin’s Children Spy For Government

It was an interesting, but not necessarily a shocking revelation when a young woman who was a member of Nashi, a pro-Kremlin youth group, admitted she worked as part of a network of activists who infiltrated opposition groups in order to spy on them. Anna Bukovskaya, said she supervised about 30 members of Nashi who joined opposition parties in order to obtain information about its membership and activities which then were reported to members of the Russian government. She was paid $550 a month for this act of patriotism in defending Russia against the activities of those who did not agree Vladmir Putin and Dimitry Medvedev were always right and anyone who disagreed with their policies was always wrong. Mikhail Kulikov, a senior member of Nashi admitted that Ms. Burkovskaya was a member of the organization but denied involvement of his group with such activities.

This is Putin Russia which has the semblance of being a democratic government, but the reality is opposition parties are denied basic rights of freedom of speech, assembly or the press. The only surprise in this story is how long it took to come to the surface.

Russian Threat To Media Freedom On Hold

The Russian parliament, for the moment, has placed a hold on proposed legislation which would have threatened members of the media with libel suits if they dared criticizing government officials. Duma Speaker, Boris Gryzlov, who heads United Russia and controls the parliamentary majority, said his party has changed its positon on the bill which would have allowed courts to close media outlets for publishing libelous statements. The bill passed in its first reading by a vote of 339 to 1. It was authored by United Russia deputy, Robert Shiegel, the Duma’s youngest member and a former spokesperson for the pro-Putin youth group, Nashi.

The most incredible aspect of this story is that only one member of a legislature stood up to vote against a blatant attempt to halt criticism of the government. The lack of enthusiasm for freedm of speech in a legislature does not hold out much hope for freedom of speech and the press.

Putin’s Kids Never Show Up!

The administration of Vladmir Putin has copied many Soviet era approaches such as creating youth organizations which appear on cue to echo their love and support of the supreme leader. In this case, it is their father, Vladmir Putin. A new youth movement, Mishki which is geared toward 8-15 year olds and will serve as a complement to Nashi, an older group which is often used by the Putin government to intimidate young people with independent minds. At a recent rally in Red Square, a few thousand Nashi youth shouted, “I love Mishki, I love Russia, I love Putin,” but for some reason there wasn’t a single member of Mishki in sight. Ironically, many of the Nashi youth held teddy bears(hopefully, none with the name of Muhammad) that were to be given to the younger children– if they ever appeared.

The use of youth to further totalitarian aims was common in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Putin apparently can’t shake loose from his Soviet training and wants to engender a love of himself among young people. Perhaps, he is dreaming that one day the entire young population of Russia will appear in Red Square to beg him to become their Leader For Life.

Russian Youth And The Putin Cult

Nikita Borovikov is head of the Russian youth organization Nashi which means “Our,” a battle cry Russian football fans use to cheer on their teams. The organization has thousands of members scattered all over Russia and they are blindly devoted to the President Putin. “Those who think badly of us call us Putin’s troops,” says Borovikov, but “everyone else says we are nationally-oriented youths.” Nashi is both a political action committee dedicated to helping their beloved leader win elections, and a social action organization that does things like collect blood or help build homes. However, according to an opponent of Putin, “Whenever I appear in public,” says Vladmir Ryzhkov, “there are counter-demonstrations and disruptions” caused by Nashi youth. They even came to his house on his birthday and harassed the celebration by giving him man American flag. A few days later a film showed him with an American flag and he was accused of being a CIA agent. It is well known Nashi receives government funding and is provided access to building and meeting areas.

In many respects, Nashi most resembles the Hitler Brown Shirts who operated during the Weimar Republic as a force of intimidation. They come to opposition meetings and shout or disrupt speakers and make people afraid to attend due to fear of violence. It is sad that Putin, given his already wide popularity and control of the media, has to resort to such thuggish tactics to win a few more votes.