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Musharraf Party Loses In Pakistan Election

Results from the voting in Pakistan reveal widespread lack of enthusiasm for President Musharraf since his political party, PML-Q suffered a severe defeat. The Pkistan People’s Party of Benazir Bhutto led all parties having captured at least 88 seats in the National Assembly while the Pakistan Muslim League-Mawaz which has been working with the PPP came in second with 65 seats. There are 269 seats in the National Assembly with 26 still to be determined. Pesident Musharraf has promised to cooperate with any party that gains triumph in the election. “I will say from my side, whichever politcal party will win,…. I will give them full cooperation at president.” There were reports in several areas of the nation, particularly where Pushtuns live, that many women were barred from voting on grounds to do so violates their religion.

It is apparent there was a lower estimate of people voting than expected which may be due to fears of violence if they went to a polling place. As the results come in, the evidence is overwhelming that Musharraf has lost. The question now to be faced by Pakistan is whether the PPP and the PML-N will cooperate to take action that might result in the ouster of Musharraf as president. If they take such action, what will happen?