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Following are fifteen reasons why I must support a national health plan for Americans.

1. Believe it or not, all people get sick, including Republicans.

2. Our current health care system takes care of insurance companies being financially healthy.

3. Republicans are against health care. That, in itself, is sufficient justification, for being for it.

4. Every other modern industrial nation has national health insurance but the US. Do they know something Americans do not know?

5. Only in America are those who are sick told to wait four years before health insurance kicks in.

6. Honestly, if I get sick, I can’t wait until I die to get medical treatment.

7. Every member of Congress has national health insurance and since they represent Americans, it is only fair we have what they have.

8. I believe in Socialist ideas like government run police, firemen, military, VA, etc..

9. I am a whimp who wants a doctor to treat me when I am diagnosed with cancer.

10, I want my doctor to treat me not someone in the Emergency Ward.

11. I believe children should see doctors on a regular basis to keep healthy.

12. Preventive care is the way to AVOID disease.

13. Senior citizens have national health insurance, why can’t their children have it?

14. The Declaration of Independence says we have a right to the “pursuit of happiness.” It is a lot easier being happy if you are healthy.

15. Health insurance means people live longer lives. Life is the reason we have health insurance.

P.S. I am willing to abandon my support for national health insurance if members of Congress and the Executive as well as Rush, Bill, Glenn, etc.. abandon their health insurance and depend on the Emergency Ward for health needs.

If I’m Jewish Must I Oppose Health Care?

We can only assume Adolf Hitler and any still living Nazis must be doubled over in laughter to learn there are raving maniacs in the United States who have concluded supporting national health insurance is the first step toward introducing Nazism to America. An Israeli expatriate in America has become a Youtube star after he engaged in an on-the-air shouting match with a nut case who yelled, “Heil Hitler”at him during a health care reform meeting in Los Angeles. He was describing Israel health care and said it had “the best health care in the world, government health care” when Ms. Moron shouted at him.

The woman was wearing an Israel Defense Force t-shirt and began making mocking sounds toward the man adding, “you ought to be the most against President Obama.” He defended his nation’s national health care system and noted while in America he had to go to the Emergency Room and was forced to pay, $8,000.

OK, you don’t agree with national health insurance. But, where did you get the idea it had something to do with Nazi Germany??? Let me get this straight, if I’m Jewish I have to oppose national health insurance because in doing so I am striking a blow at Adolf Hitler and Nazism!!