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Is The US Engaged In “False Optimism” In Iraq?

There is no doubt the level of violence in Iraq has dramatically dropped, but does that guarantee there will be peace in the troubled nation? A chief aide to Turkey’s Foreign Minister told several American websites such as those run by the Foreign Policy Council there may be a false sense of optimism on the part of US leaders. Ahmet Davutogu, warned that ethnic and religious differences among Iraq’s diverse population still exist and are bound to flare up again when American forces leave Iraq. He identified three issues which reflect confusion on the part of Iraq’s leaders. First, said Davutogu, is is very unclear as to whether Iraq has been able to develop a coherent national identity. He argued without a national identify there could not be national security and expressed doubts as to whether the new Iraq army has reconciled in its composition the ethnic and religious differences within the country.

The Turkish diplomat suggested it is important to assist Iraq by helping the nation to build a national sense of unity because if that fails and violence once again erupts, the result will be felt in all nations within the region. His points are well taken. As of this date, Prime Minister Maliki’s government continues to refuse bringing into the government and armed forces the Sunni minority. Unless that occurs, there will once again be large scale terrorism which, undoubtedly, will provoke repressive action against the Sunnis.