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Swedish Nationalists March Amidst Rocks

In olden days when nationalism was rampant in many parts of Europe, neo-Nazi nationalists would march through streets dressed in black with music blaring and shouting their epithets of hate. A group of Swedish nationalists wanted to march to honor a dead king, but their attempt was met with angry insults and rocks thrown at them by liberals who wanted to deny their enemies an opportunity to display their ignorance. The Nationalists were guarded by police and allowed to do their thing, shout their anger, and then swiftly depart on trains.

The right to demonstrate is inherent in any democratic society. Those who hate neo-Nazis and resort to armed violence are acting just like the group they dislike. Let them march, let them shout hate in the open. The vast majority of people will shake their heads at the ignorance of these people who belong in a different time and a different place. If progressives use violence against those who preach violence, they have met the enemy and they have beome the enemy.

Pro European Party Wins Serbian Election

The people of Serbia sent a message to the world of their support for entry into the European Union and gave nationalist forces a crushing defeat. President Boris Tadic’s pro European bloc won 39% of the vote while Serbian nationalists trailed far behind with 29%. The results surprised most political experts since opinion polls had indicated the nationalists would win by a solid margin. Tadic said: “Serbian voters have confirmed the clear European path for Serbia. Serbs want to go down the road to European Union and Serbia will be in the EU.” He, in effect, made the vote not just one that supported his government but one in which the people of Serbia were deciding to enter the EU or remain outside with the rabble rousing nationalists.

Most Serbians have come to recognize the old days of nationalistm and hate lead nowhere but to violence and economic backwardness. They want a resolution of the Kosovo issue and realize this best can be resolved within the contour of a European Union decision. Hopefully, this vote puts an end to the terrible war in Yugoslavia which devastated the country in the 1990s.